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Metrological tests

Reliable testing services for your sensors

On the basis of many current requests, SPEKTRA has experience and special know-how for the contract measurement of sensors and other small and large components in the field of vibration technology and acoustics.

We carry out individual examinations on behalf of our customers and rent or sell suitable equipment and software.

Rely on SPEKTRA and our accredited services for any sensor. Depending on your objectives, we carry out the appropriate measurement or test at our facility.

Our services at a glance

  • Contract measurements according to customer requirements
  • Metrological tests
  • Sensor characterization
  • Qualification of sensors

If necessary, we invite the customer to our laboratory for a day.
We also rent or sell suitable equipment and software.

SPEKTRA On site calibration

We measure on behalf of our customers

During contract measurement, we carry out detailed investigations of the customer’s various questions in connection with the vibration properties of his DUT.

Devices and assembled devices must be precisely examined in the development phase as well as during manufacture and commissioning. SPEKTRA has a wide range of different exciters, test equipment and laser vibrometers available for such tests. This allows us to test and evaluate a wide range of parameters.

What can SPEKTRA measure?

Vibration behavior

  • Resonance behavior of adapters and coupling of vibration sensors
  • Resonance behavior of wires: Resonance search in the defined frequency range
  • Resonance behavior of chip cards
  • Shock resistance
  • Endurance test


Determination of the disturbance transfer behavior to certain disturbance variables, such as:

  • Magnetic field
  • Temperature
  • Transverse sensitivity
  • Base strain
  • Vibration
  • Sound


  • Investigation of the cable influence on the measuring result
  • Coupling of the DUTs with different methods (bonding)
  • Influence of temperature

We characterize your sensors

A sensor characterization is the determination of the disturbance transfer behavior of a DUT at certain disturbance variables. In sensor characterization, various measurements are performed on a sensor. This involves measuring and recording the behavior of a sensor in response to different stimuli.

In the case of sensors in the development phase or pre-series samples, evaluations of the scatter of measured values and the accuracies can be created from this for the sensor data sheet.


Which sensors can SPEKTRA characterize?

Metrological investigation MEMS
In-house climate chamber for environmental simulations in Dresden.

We carry out metrological tests

Metrological tests require close cooperation between the customer and the laboratory. The customer is informed about the results and the progress of the investigations at all stages of the order.

The results of a metrological investigation are presented in report form or as measurement protocols. In addition, the measurement data are available in various formats.

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Case studies

«Which sensor is best for my crash tests?»

We determine the frequency-dependent sensor sensitivity, the transverse sensitivity, the magnetic sensitivity, the damping behavior, the reliability under shock load, etc.

«Our customer complains that my assembly sometimes shows malfunctions when subjected to vibration; but a normal vibration test shows no problems!»

We can subject DUTs very specifically to sinusoidal oscillations, shocks and recorded acceleration profiles in one and three dimensions in a very wide frequency and amplitude range and thus help to analyze the problem.

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