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Calibration Service - Dynamic Pressure

Sensor calibration in the field of dynamic excitation of pressure transducers

Pressure sensors are used in dynamic applications, such as in the aerospace industry. However, these pressure transducers are mostly calibrated using static methods. SPEKTRA offers you various solutions for the calibration of sensors used for dynamic pressure measurement. We can dynamically excite and reliably calibrate a wide range of pressure sensors.

Your pressure transducers should be calibrated regularly to keep the quality of your measurements at a high level.

  • Dynamic pressure measurement
  • A large number of possible sensors can be calibrated
  • High quality standard and in-house calibration systems
  • Competent advice and reliable service
  • Short processing times

Our accreditation certificate

The DPE-01 is a dynamic printer exciter for secondary calibration of pressure sensors.

Piezoresistive pressure sensors

  • Dynamic calibration and tests using air pressure (DPE-01)
    Frequency range: 10 Hz…1250 Hz
    Amplitude: 0.2 kPa...12 kPa (0.0002 bar...0.12 bar)
  • Dynamic calibration using hydraulic pressure pulses
    Frequency range: up to 10 kHz
    Amplitude: 15 bar
  • Overload / Load Tests
    Amplitude: 20 bar…500 bar
    Pulse width < 2 ms


The DPE-02 for generating pulsating pressure pulses with short pulse time

Piezoelectric pressure sensors

PE sensors are mainly used in dynamic test stands:

  • Calibration with low pressure from 2 bar
  • Calibration with high pressure up to 4000 bar


The DPE-03 from SPEKTRA Dresden.

IEPE pressure sensors

IEPE sensors are used in dynamic test stands. The focus during calibration is on low pressure.

  • Frequency range
    0.1 Hz…10 kHz
  • Dynamic pressure amplitude, max.
    0.8 bar…5 bar (peak)

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Six simple steps to your certificate

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Measuring Instruments

There is a wide range of controllers and calibrators from various manufacturers for a variety of measuring ranges. Once the devices are calibrated (DAkkS), they can be used both as a pressure transmitter and as a reference.


  • Dynamic test stands
  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive (mass production)


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Alternative systems

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