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Calibration Service – Audiometry

Accredited calibration of audiometric measuring equipment

We offer services at the highest technical level for the calibration of acoustic measuring equipment. We can also calibrate audiometric calibration devices for medical engineering such as artificial mastoids and ear simulators (DAkkS-certified) and trace them back to the national standard.

You determine the calibration interval. It depends on the application of the sensors. We would be happy to advise you on suitable intervals for your instruments!

  • Calibration in an accredited laboratory (German DAkkS)
  • Services at the highest level
  • Lowest possible measurement uncertainty
  • Traceability and reproducible measurements
  • Short processing time of 5-7 working days
  • Optional: express calibration within 48 h

Our accreditation certificate

Calibration service in audiometry of an artificial mastoid

Artificial mastoids

Calibration in accordance with IEC 60318-6:2007

  • Calibration of the transmission (mechanical impedance) at 23.0 ± 0.5 °C
    125 Hz…8 kHz


Calibration service audiometry of an artificial ear

Ear simulators

Ear simulators / couplers

Acoustic calibration in accordance with DIN EN 60318 and IEC 61094-5:2016

  • Pressure calibration (in an electroacoustic coupler)
    31.5 Hz…16 kHz (sound pressure level 64 dB...124 dB)
  • Pressure chamber (for installed built-in measuring microphones)
    31.5 Hz…16 kHz
  • Factory calibration using the substitution method against reference standard

Mouth simulator

  • Acoustic calibration by measuring the amplitude frequency response
    100 Hz…10 kHz
  • Factory calibration in a quasi-free field against reference standard


Calibration service in audiometry of a coupler

Acoustic couplers

Calibration in accordance with IEC 60318-1 to -5

  • During calibration, the frequency response of the built-in measuring microphone and the coupler is measured.

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Six simple steps to your certificate

6 simple steps of SPEKTRAs service process

Key Features

Frequency range

  • In pressure chamber: 31.5 Hz...16 kHz
  • DAkkS-accredited depending on the diameter of the measuring microphone

Calibration in accordance with

  • IEC 60318-6:2007
  • IEC 61094-5:2016
  • DIN EN 60318-1 to -6


Why is calibration
even required?

Here you will find an interesting overview with definitions,
further information and more about the benefits of our calibration services.

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Alternative systems

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