System Concept

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Airplane turbine with SPEKTRA Shaker

We provide well-balanced sets of exciter, amplifier, controller and sensor to get optimal performance and high precision in a wide range of applications. The software is dedicated to structural test solutions and ready for synchronization and system integration. Various multi-channel control options are available. Possible modes are manual control for investigation, script based control to perform test rows and remote control by DLL, ethernet or digital I/O to be a part of a test system.

  • Highest force at low frequencies
  • MIMO capabilities – up to 8 control channels and scaleable number of input channels
  • Locked phase with adjustable and controlled phase shift for multiple I/O channels
  • Dual-Mode amplifi ers (current / voltage mode) with lowest backlash on testing structure
  • Integrated overload protection (temperature, travel, current)


Based on your requirements you may choose from our portfolio of modal exciters. Various optional accessories allow different modes of operation and facilitate handling of the equipment.


The controller is based on National Instruments hardware. High flexibility allows configuring the system according to your individual demands.


The software is based on LabVIEW. So various applications are made possible with high flexibility.