Compact, cost-effective and flexible.
State-of-the-art sensor system level testing for development and laboratory environments.

S-TEST/2 Tabletop device

Compact design,
extensive features.

Despite its compact design, the S-TEST/2 tabletop unit from SPEKTRA offers the full test interface and enables the sensor developer to react flexibly to varying technical requirements already during the product development phase, while constantly checking the correct function and performance of the product.

Sensor Excitation

Competence at the top of the market.

In combination with the different stimuli such as acceleration or pressure, the sensors can be tested in the test lab and during development under almost real field conditions. Thanks to the full compatibility with the S-TEST Lab systems, test procedures for mass production can be prepared already in the development stage, thus reducing time to market.


Many components – true system solution.

Flexibly configurable system components make it easy to react quickly to different test requirements and sensor types. Parametric tests, functional tests, measured value adjustment and tests on the time behavior of sensors give the developer a wide range of options for identifying errors in the design at an early stage. Early testing in the lab also helps to reduce implementation time for mass production testing later. When using S-TEST Fab systems, a high testing throughput is achieved quickly and at moderate costs.

Accessories and Options

Maximum possibilities.

Modern sensors come in a large number of different designs and in variable sizes. To support the flexibility of the S-TEST Lab systems, SPEKTRA offers a wide range of accessories. In addition to a variety of coupling adapters, which simplify the connection of the devices under test to the S-TEST Lab excitation systems, we also supply training and engineering boards – for quick test setup and to train new users. Reference designs for sensor test boards are also available.

«SPEKTRA exactly understands the requirements for an efficient development lab. Scalability plays an essential role in this.»

Product ranges

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