A strong hardware needs an efficient software


The S-TEST software gives product and test developers a flexible software framework at hand that enable fast development as well as adaptation of sensor system level tests. Exchangable core components allow quick modification of tests to support changing sensor interfaces.

The seamless integration with the S-TEST hardware offers a powerful combination to react on varying test requirements without the need to add new and expensive test hardware. Aligned with a feature-rich test editor the framework offers versatile API‘s to enhance and control test execution and to interface with additional systems like measurement and data storage systems. User-firendly and adaptable application front-ends allow the replication of special test scenarios and support the optimized usability for test operators.


Flexible Software components

  • Scalable technology, from a very simple control unit up to a very high performance and multi-channel controller
  • Operation modes: sine, random, shock, chart, FDR, …
  • Coordinated synchronized multi-channel excitation, also synchronized 3-dimensional excitation possible
  • Time optimized and customer specific End-Of-Line-Test

Multiple Applications

  • Research & Development
  • Vibration testing
  • Modal excitation
  • Quality assurance
  • Environmental testing
  • Investigation of microstructures
  • Sensor testing