S-TEST Lab Systems

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SPEKTRA's S-TEST Lab systems offer solutions for system testing on a wide range of sensor types. Thanks to the compact test hardware, it is possible to check whether the sensors are functioning and performing correctly, even in the early stages of development.

The system components, which can be configured in a flexible manner, allow a quick response to a wide range of test requirements and sensor types. Early testing in the laboratory also reduces the subsequent implementation time for mass-production tests.

Do you know the benefits of your new sensor test system?

  • Hands-on standard systems and turnkey solutions for laboratories
  • Components that can be expanded in a flexible manner for extensive custom configurations
  • Wide range of excitation variables enables a variety of sensor system tests
  • Expertise and support from our engineers around the world
  • Consulting and custom-tailored systems, specially designed for your challenges and applications

Flexible options. Many possibilities. Real system solution.

The S-TEST Lab systems provide a wide variety of sensor system tests for development and laboratory environments. Their system components, which can be configured in a flexible manner, also allow users to react quickly to various test requirements and sensor types. From parametric tests, functional tests, measured value comparison to characterization – our system solutions give sensor developers extensive options for identifying design errors at an early stage.

The system modules

SPEKTRA offers comprehensive solutions for the calibration and characterization of sensors. Examples of how the systems can be composed are listed in the following:

1 - Sensor communication

The unit (Fig: "1") is the configurable, compact measuring system and, serving as a communication interface. provides the test interface to the MEMS or other sensors with digital output signal.

S-TEST 2 (parallel test for up to 8 sensors)

S-TEST 16 (parallel test for up to 64 sensors)

2 - Exciters

Based on the requirements of your sensor tests, you can choose from a wide range of different exciters (Fig: "2"). These were completely developed at SPEKTRA and are manufactured at our production facility in Dresden. A combination of different exciters is also possible.

Exciters & Components

3 - Amplifiers

With the selection of power amplifiers (Fig: "3"), which were specially developed for our systems, we supply an important component. Individual operating modes and protective functions are available for the respective exciters.

Our amplifiers

4 - Controller

The vibration control systems (Fig: "4") are based on the powerful and freely configurable PXI system from National Instruments®. Our sensor communication devices are specially designed to communicate with SPEKTRA’s high performance exciters. Thanks to their special features, versatile applications can be realized in the most diverse areas.

5 - Software

Featuring suitable operating modes, the S-TEST software (Fig: "5") from SPEKTRA provides a flexible framework for fast development  and enables the extension of system tests for sensors. Interchangeable core components allow for the flexible adaptation of the tests to changing sensor interfaces.


Flexibility is our creed. That's why we offer more options, accessories and add-ons, so you can get the system that is exactly right for your individual tasks. Benefit from the technical know-how of our experts for your specific challenge.

Individual tasks meet tailor-made solutions

Development team at SPEKTRA

In the field of MEMS, digital sensors and their development, we still often find ourselves in uncharted territory. In addition to turnkey systems, our mission at SPEKTRA is to provide you with the tailored solution that exactly meets your specific requirements.

Benefit from our experts’ technical know-how for your individual challenge.

Your easy entry into the world of digital sensors.

We observe the market

Thanks to a wide range of modular standard products, coupled with the expertise and experience of our developers when it comes to sensors of all kinds, our S-TEST Lab systems help with the following tasks:

  • Characterization of inertial sensors and small assemblies
  • Load test and endurance test for magnetic sensors
  • Function and performance tests for pressure and acoustic sensors (MEMS microphones)
  • End-of-line testing, calibration/adjustment of sensors

Types of sensors




Pressure and force

Magnetic field

Electronic Control Units

«Our customers include many well-known international companies.
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Ingolf Leidert | Product Manager Device Testing


The tasks are as diverse as the industries in which the S-TEST Lab systems are used:

Product ranges

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Welcome to the world of SPEKTRA sensor test systems!