From individual laboratory-scale sensor technology to high­frequency mass production.
TESTelligence for MEMS sensors.

Sensor testing in lab conditions by SPEKTRA


Our roots lie in the labs.

We are very familiar with laboratory environments – because this is where we come from. Our S-TEST Lab product line offers solutions for system testing of a wide range of sensor types. These products come in the form of compact testing hardware, which allows to check the correct function of the sensors at an early stage of the development process. Thanks to their configurable digital interfaces, S-TEST solutions also offer the flexibility to test many different sensor types with little effort.


Think big. Think smart.
High-volume testing.

For many years we have been developing and supplying our S-TEST Fab equipment for parallel final testing of sensors in mass production. These products allow easy scaling at optimal cost per sensor. With the modular S-TEST software, which is tailored to the S-TEST hardware, we provide the test developer with a testing environment which, in addition to rapid adaptation and time optimization of the test sequences, also allows coupling to various excitation systems. In this combination it represents a complete solution for system level testing of sensors in the manufacturing process.

«The technological development of MEMS sensors advances at incredibly fast pace. If you do not think ahead and have tomorrow’s objectives in mind you will lag behind. We are ready and fit for this sprint in the market.»

Ingolf Leidert | Product Manager Device Testing



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