Sensor calibration software

Every good hardware needs a high-performing software.
State-of-the-art industry solution from SPEKTRA.

The CS software was created in close cooperation with the SPEKTRA calibration laboratory accredited by DAkkS. Even the most basic configuration meets the requirements of any efficiently operating calibration laboratory. Moreover, the CS software can easily be adapted to the workflows of any company.

  • simple to operate
  • integrated sensor database
  • data export to Word®, Excel®, …
  • automation interface
  • calibration database server (Optional)
  • interface to foreign databases (Optional)
  • calibration of digital sensors (e. g. DTI)

Highlights of our software

Extensive operating modes

  • Sensor calibration – allows the calibration of a wide range of sensors.
  • Sweep – helps to establish whether a tested sensor can actually be calibrated.
  • Measurement – for the calibration of vibration calibrators.
  • Generation – designed to generate one of the vibration quantities with high precision.
  • Primary calibration tasks – calibration, measurement and generation
  • Self-test for the HERO™ vibration control unit*.

*for CS Q-LEAP™ systems

Easy generation of calibration setups

  • easy storage of complete calibration process in setup files
  • simple drawing-up of setups by guided procedures
  • automatic loading of the device under test into the setup when using TEDS or ID modules
  • fail-safe operation of the test setup based on the performance data of the exciter

Integrated sensor database

  • high-performance search tool will find any test item that has ever been calibrated by the system
  • administration of sensor type templates
  • easy introduction of new test items based on sensor type
  • easy administration of sensor data, including calibration intervals, ID numbers (TEDS, DALLAS-ID, etc.) and many more

Easy data storage, export and exchange

  • storage of setup and calibration data in calibration log files in conformance with ISO 17025
  • easy data export into text or spreadsheet files (e. g. MS Word®, MS Excel®) to generate calibration certificates ready for print-out
  • easy data exchange with third-party applications
  • Optional:
    • • Data export into any other data format
    • • Storage of calibration log files on database server

Integrated software for the generation of
calibration protocols and certificates

eCal™ – One application, many possibilities

  • import and display of calibration data from multiple sources
  • generation of printable or pure digital calibration certificates
  • export of calibration data to multiple file formats
  • customizable import and export module
  • easy handling and clearly displayed data

Harmonization with your company's workflow

Every business company is organized in its own way, making use of different software tools. A calibration system cannot be regarded as an island; it should be integrated in the company‘s workflow and must seamlessly exchange data with other software.

For instance, data about calibration jobs need to be imported from an ERP system and calibration data need to be exported to instrumentation databases or any third-party software. The CS software includes the appropriate automation software interfaces by means of which any SPEKTRA calibration system can be adapted to any software environment and workflow.

Even complex calibration procedures can be accomplished in this manner by using small add-on programs. User-specific solutions of this kind can be implemented by the customer himself using common software tools or tailor-made by the experienced SPEKTRA software team.