CS Q-LEAP™ – The next step calibration system

A technical breakthrough for sensor calibration.
Future proof and easily customizable.

The CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems are designed for the calibration of vibration sensors as well as vibration calibrators and vibration meters.

In addition to the calibration of analog sensors, CS Q-LEAP™ systems also allow for the calibration of sensors with a digital output, thereby providing a future-proof perspective in view of an increasingly digital sensor world.

In the field of primary calibration, the CS Q-LEAP™ systems allow for the exact calibration of vibration sensors in units of magnitude and phase according to ISO 16063-11 and for the high-precision generation and measurement of a wide range of physical mechanical quantities.

The CS Q-LEAP™ systems provide users with a solution for all requirements in the field of dynamic sensor testing.


HERO™ – the heart of CS Q-LEAP™

• versatile output options

• interfaces for data import and export

• optional interface to external databases

• primary calibration with laser vibrometers



Full control with various operating modes and extensive sensor communication

• standardized yet open software

• easily customizable

• integrated database



Wide range of possible exciters and suitable power amplifiers

• wide range of typical DUTs

• modular upgrades

• efficient maintenance

• calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025


A quantum leap in the world of sensor calibration
and as compared to the last generation of CS systems.

  • systems are made for analog as well as digital sensors
  • new GUI was modernized visually as well as technically
  • increased system performance and more features thanks to the new, powerful vibration control system HERO™
  • systems allow a flexible frequency range and offer comprehensive software operating modes
  • easily customizable and offers modular upgrades
  • future-proof: CS Q-LEAPTM systems are developed for the future, flexible and boundlessly extendable
  • integrated database enables easy DUT management
  • versatile output options for calibration results provide a strong basis for calibration certificates

What's behind?

Michael Mende product manager at SPEKTRA – explains in detail.

The «Q» stands for ...



... of products and services from over 26 years of experience with sensor calibration. Our hardware, systems and services are accredited and were all developed in-house. Thanks to high quality materials and manufacturing, we can ensure traceability and warranty at any time.


... as in the amount of possibilities to measure and calibrate. The CS Q-LEAPTM systems enable to test an extensive range of dynamic physical quantities – from acceleration and shock down to dynamic force… and even more to come! With the new generation of systems, the range of DUTs you can calibrate is almost endless.


... experts at your side to find the best fitted solution to your challenge and task. Developing advanced products is our top priority. To achieve this, we take advantage of the creativity of our employees and our know-how and expertise, so that we can set new quality standards together with our customers.


... on the market and quick for our customers. First, we are agile in response to customers’ needs and market trends. Moreover, the CS Q-LEAPTM systems are fast and time saving with regard to installation, commissioning, calibration setup, calibration time, evaluation, maintenance and many more.

Key features

  • Wide range of typical DUTs
  • Flexible frequency range
  • Comprehensive software operating modes
  • Future-proof and boundlessly extendable
  • One vibration control system, many applications
  • Traceable to PTB (German National Metrology Laboratory)
  • Fair and extensive support and service contract
  • Technical support and recalibration available worldwide

Software highlights

  • Extensive operating modes
  • Integrated sensor database
  • Integrated software for the generation of calibration certificates
  • Easy data exchange with third-party applications

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