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On-site calibration service

First and only provider to offer on-site calibrations for vibration test systems at DAkkS level.

On-site calibration of vibration test systems

Your vibration test systems need to be calibrated, but they:

  • cannot be transported
  • are part of a fixed installation
  • must not be absent from the production process for days?

Since 2017, SPEKTRA is the first and only calibration laboratory to offer on-site calibrations for vibration test systems at DAkkS level. Our trained specialists calibrate your entire vibration test system directly on-site in your laboratory. Our laboratory has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for the calibration of vibration test systems.

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Your Benefits

  • Calibration of your vibration test equipment on-site
  • Avoid extended downtimes
  • Possible deployment anywhere in the world
  • Conclusions on the condition of all electrical and mechanical components of the test system
  • DAkkS calibration certificates
  • Independent from manufacturers
  • First and only mobile DAkkS calibration laboratory for on-site calibration of vibration test systems

Working Process

As part of an on-site calibration of vibration test equipment, we calibrate the entire test system directly in your laboratory. Our calibration procedure includes the whole measuring chain (reference sensor, preamplifier, signal conditioner, vibration control system, power amplifier, exciter).


The reference sensor can be calibrated in the SPEKTRA DAkkS laboratory in preparation of the on-site calibration. The determined current sensor sensitivity is then used in the software of your vibration control system in order to obtain smallest possible deviations during the calibration of the system.

Work on-site

On site, the vibration test system is then used to provide vibration accelerations, which are measured using a calibration system that is traced back to DAkkS standards. (These accelerations are measured as a funtion of the frequency in the working area of the system.) For this purpose, the reference sensor is mounted on the coupling surface of the back-to-back standard, which is attached to the armature of the vibration exciter.

Calibration procedure in detail

The calibration is performed by comparison, which is obtained by comparing the acceleration indicated by the vibration test system with the acceleration actually measured by the calibration system. In order to assure reliable results about the amplitude linearity of the provided acceleration, different acceleration amplitudes are provided at a fixed frequency, which are also measured with the calibration system.

A calibration of the entire measuring chain can also be carried out for the operation mode "shock". The vibration test system provides shock-shaped accelerations, which in turn are measured with the calibration system.

More options are possible

In addition to accredited calibrations, further measurements, such as the RMS value of a noise profile or  measurements of the lateral acceleration, are also possible. This allows you to draw conclusions about the condition and the behavior of your vibration test systems in various stimulation - of all electrical components, as well as of mechanical components.

The frequency ranges, accelerations, control channels and sensors can be adjusted depending on the performance of the system or regarding your individual requirements. Similarly, slide tables for horizontal excitation can be included in the calibration.

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