Environmental Simulation

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Quality-oriented enterprises incorporate environmental testing of a product into their activities already at the planning stage of product development with the aim of overall cost optimization.Automotive sub-suppliers, manufacturers of electronic modules, sensors and measurement and test instrumentation utilize our competence and broad spectrum of services.

We are flexible in meeting your deadlines. Different tests can be performed in parallel and additional requirements such as monitoring of functions during a test can be met.Tests that are outside the scope of our own facilities can be carried out by our cooperation partners in coordination with our customers.


Overview of environmental simulation

Mechanical tests (e. g. according to DIN EN 60068 or factory standards)
  • Vibration tests
  • Sinusoidal, resonance search
  • Noise
  • Shock exposure / tests
  • Extreme shock tests of small and light-weight sensors and modules (max. weight 30 gram) with up to 100,000 gn
Climatic tests (e. g. according to DIN EN 60068 or factory standards)
  • Cold
  • Dry heat
  • Moist heat, constant
  • Moist heat, varying in cycles
  • Temperature shock

The effective volume of our climatic chambers is 600 litres with the following dimensions in mm: 800 x 800 x 950.

Temperature range of constant and cycled tests: -70 °C ... +180 °C

Change of temperature: 10 K/min

Range of relative humidity: 10 % ... 95 %

Range for temperature shocks (in cooperation): -80 °C ... +200 °C

Combined mechanical / climatic tests (e. g. according to DIN EN 60068)
  • Vibration tests (sinusoidal, noise, shock) in combination with temperature stress (heat, cold, thermostream)
  • Complete environmental tests

With SPEKTRA acting as a general contractor (in cooperation)

If no product or factory standards for mechanical and climatic environmental tests are available, do not hesitate to ask our experts about the severity and practical carrying-out of the tests. A test report will be drawn up stating the test result and including a documentation of the test run with figures.