Lingnerschloss Dresden

The Association Lingnerschloss e.V. plans, organizes and designes the creation and maintainance of a cultural site, in which the historical structure of the middle castle at the Elbe river is put to a contemporary use. As a meeting place and place of exchange between people of different interests, the Linger castle will provide space for entertainment, education, recreation and festive events.

Since 2015 SPEKTRA has become supporting member of the Lingnerschloss and supports the association with the refurbishment and preservation of this important building on the banks of the Elbe river. Like Karl August Lingner, the namesake of the Elbe castle, SPEKTRA follows social initiatives for the development of the region with interest and is involved in various social projects. The company operates worldwide and has defended its leading position in the market of calibration and vibration control systems for several years. Customers of National Metrology Institutes appreciate the precision and innnovation of products "made in Dresden".

Dresdner Ostermalen


Dresdner Ostermalen is a competition where day care centers participate with pictures regarding Easter painted by children up to six years. The children take part at no costs, all materials are provided and the pictures picked up by carriers and presented on a website for voting.

The day care center decides on its own which actions will be supported with the awarded money. SPEKTRA sponsors the competition since 2015 and is looking forward to support regional day care centers as well as promoting childrens creativity.

Genial Sozial - Working for a better future


Our world is not perfect. And who has not had the desire to change it sometimes? "Genial sozial" is a project that encourages young people to take on local and global responsibility. Pupils will work in a company for one day and donate their day's earnings for projects that enable young people in poorer regions of the world to get new perspectives and enhance their educational opportunities.

SPEKTRA is involved every year on the corporate side and offers two young people the opportunity to take action - for their own school and selected projects worldwide. In our calibration laboratory and the production line itself, students can get an idea of everyday life in an industrial enterprise and do something good meanwhile.

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