SPEKTRA to present new products – Exclusive at SENSOR+TEST 2021

Why is Research and Development so important to SPEKTRA?

It's quite simple: We do not rest on our laurels. We are TESTelligent. The main mission at SPEKTRA is to listen to the market, to its evolutions, and be ten steps ahead. This leads to constant enhancements, innovations and progress, but also to new solutions and products.

While the current worldwide pandemic continues to present companies with challenges, the SPEKTRA teams have finalized new products and software applications which will be showcased and premiered at SENSOR+TEST 2021 – worldwide online.

New hardware, new software, new systems.

As the most important highlight, SPEKTRA will introduce the new generation of calibration systems CS Q-LEAP™, which is based on the newly developed HEROTM hardware platform and comes with a new, more powerful calibration software. CS Q-LEAP™ are next step calibration systems – a technical breakthrough for sensor calibration. The systems are future-proof and easily customizable. Besides a wide range of interfaces for primary and secondary calibration of analog sensors, the new hardware contains for the first time a board that can be flexibly be configured for almost any digital interface. With a single vibration control unit and software, the new CS Q-LEAP™ systems now allow for the precise calibration of sensors with analog as well as digital outputs! Visitors of the SENSOR+TEST trade show will learn more about the many benefits of the new CS Q-LEAP™ and access exclusive content.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

The Swiss Army knife for calibration data

In addition to this brand-new calibration system including hardware and software, SPEKTRA has developed a new software application especially for laboratories and calibration system operators. eCal™ is simultaneously a universal calibration protocol viewer and a data transformation tool: a Swiss Army knife of sorts for calibration data.

The application can transfer calibration data from various programs (including calibration systems) into standardized output formats for digital distribution or printing. One dataset can therefore be used to generate printable or digital calibration certificates, or to provide data for further processing in databases – all with the same ease.

eCal™ is very convenient and makes calibration tasks and workflows easier. Visitors of the SENSOR+TEST trade show will get an exclusive first look into the calibration protocol application.

Come take a look and speak with the SPEKTRA experts!

CV-10 tragbares Kalibriersystem mit dem Button "Jetzt entdecken".

Mobile, rugged and available at low investment costs

Moreover, the mobile calibration system CV-10 has been further developed. At SENSOR+TEST, visitors can learn more about its new functions such as the sweep mode, multiple hardware extensions and its interaction with the eCal™ software.

The SPEKTRA team looks forward to meeting new contacts and exchanging thoughts with professionals in the field of sensor calibration.

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