Aviation and aerospace industry

In international aviation, all means of transport and their individual components must be regularly tested and checked for material fatigue or changes. Such tests ensure that any damage is detected early on, guarantee service life and ensure safety in flight operations. Through ground vibration tests and structural analyses, weak points can already be detected and eliminated during the development of aircraft.

Countless sensors are therefore used for monitoring and analysis during development and production in the aviation and aerospace industry. SPEKTRA offers versatile and individually tailored solutions for these high-tech products.

Take-off rocket as a representation of industry solutions in aviation and aerospace

Safety and reliability are as essential in no other industry as they are in aviation and aerospace. With SPEKTRA, you have a reliable partner at your side to meet the highest demands.

APS Dynamics

Vibration exciter shakers for modal and structural analysis

With our APS long-stroke shakers, vibrations can be introduced into individual components, larger structures or entire areas. The data from the installed vibration sensors can reveal possible weak points in the construction or processing method. These tests can also be used to create digital twins.

Alongside special power amplifiers and vibration control systems, components for various modes of operation are also available for this purpose. For example, the exciter can be firmly anchored to the ground or freely suspended from a structure.

APS 113

APS 400

APS 420


Calibration service for vibration test systems in our laboratory

Accredited calibration services

Specialized service – personal expert advice

We offer comprehensive calibration services at our accredited laboratory with our specialized in-house systems and personal customer support. The performance of our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory D-K-15183-01-00 occupies a top position worldwide. With the SPEKTRA calibration systems, which are identical to those used in many international metrological institutes, our laboratory ensures calibration services with the highest precision at the lowest measurement uncertainties.

Calibration service for vibration

Calibration service for shock

Overview of calibration services

Count on our support and expert advice.

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CS Q-LEAP™ - complete solution calibration system

Cutting-edge technology – flexible, efficient and future-oriented

The CS Q-LEAP™ calibration system from SPEKTRA sets new benchmarks. By combining our HERO™ controller and various exciters, we can cover an enormously wide frequency range from 8 mHz to 350 kHz. A system can thereby be configured for different measurands such as acceleration, vibration, shock, acoustic measurands, rotation rate, pressure and others. It can process both analog and purely digital sensors and is fully traceable to PTB.

The new service concept significantly minimizes downtime, and modules can be calibrated individually and configure themselves independently following replacement. In addition, our CS Q-LEAP™ software and eCal™ are future-proof and already offer many advantages, such as a test item database and simple, flexible data exchange for, e.g., printable PDF calibration certificates or digital calibration certificates.

CS Q-LEAP™ SINE with spring-loaded vibration exciter SE-20

CS Q-LEAP™ SHOCK with shock exciter SE-221

Overview CS Q-LEAP™


Sensor exciter for testing and calibration

Exciters for different measurands in an especially wide frequency range

Do you already have your own control system and are looking for the right calibration vibration exciter to test your sensor technology? SPEKTRA develops and manufactures a wide range of calibration exciters for vibration, shock, pressure and rotation rate which can be used in complete systems as well as in test systems for small devices under test.

Individual customer requirements can also be taken into account, e.g., to simplify the mounting of your special sensors.

Spring-loaded vibration exciter SE-20

Air-bearing SE-09 high-frequency vibration exciter

Shock exciter SE-221 up to 200 000 gn


Calibration system CV-10

Compact, robust and mobile

In addition to the periodic monitoring of your measuring equipment, the mobile calibration system CV-10 allows you to carry out a quick and uncomplicated intermediate check of your sensor technology. For example, if you doubt the correct measurement of a sensor, you can check it immediately on field.

  • powerful vibration exciter
  • frequency range: 5 Hz...10 kHz
  • amplitude: 200 m/s²
  • standard signal conditioners: direct voltage input, IEPE, charge, 4 mA...20 mA
  • payload: 900 g
  • traceable to PTB, NIST...

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Technical training and seminars

Knowledge never diminishes when shared

SPEKTRA has been on the market for over 25 years and continues to drive the industry to new heights in many areas. Benefit from the extensive knowledge of our experts and educate yourself and your employees in our practice-oriented seminars.

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Specialized accessories for the calibration of vibration test equipment

Accessories and components for your calibration

Down to the last detail

We manufacture individual adapters or offer robust sensor cables that withstand special climatic conditions.

Because we know the challenges our customers face every day. From SPEKTRA, you will receive precisely tailored, high-quality accessories and special designs.

Ask us. We’ll find the right product for you!

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