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Laser vibrometer calibration service

Highly precise measurement technology tested by SPEKTRA

Laser vibrometers have been designed as flexible and economical instruments for optical, non-contact and high-precision vibration measurement. It is also a better alternative than contact transducers and is often used for the primary calibration of sensors.

Laser vibrometers are highly accurate measuring devices. They should be subject to regular maintenance and calibration. SPEKTRA, as an industrial calibration laboratory, is accredited to perform these calibrations alongside national metrology institutes.

  • Accredited alongside the national metrology institutes
  • Primary calibration, maintenance and recalibration
  • Lowest possible measurement uncertainty
  • Traceable and reproducible measurements
  • Fast processing times in the laboratory

Our accreditation certificate

We can calibrate laser vibrometers with analog and digital output.

Laser vibrometer with analog output

Accredited primary calibration of the transfer coefficient (sinus excitation)

  • 0.2 Hz…20 kHz
  • up to 350 kHz (ISO calibration upon request)

Possible measurand options: velocity, displacement or acceleration.


A digital laservibrometer can be calibrate by us.

Laser vibrometer with digital output

Accredited primary calibration of the display deviation (sinus excitation)

  • 0.2 Hz...20 kHz
  • up to 350 kHz (ISO calibration upon request)

Possible measurand options: velocity, displacement or acceleration.


SPEKTRA calibrates all primary systems with laser vibrometer.

SPEKTRA primary calibration systems

All SPEKTRA primary systems are also equipped with a laser vibrometer as a reference standard.

We can calibrate your laser vibrometer prior to delivery of the system or during a recalibration.

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Six simple steps to your certificate

6 simple steps of SPEKTRAs service process

Key Features

Frequency range

  • 2 Hz…20 kHz
  • up to 350 kHz (ISO calibration upon request)

Calibration in accordance with the standards

  • Calibration of laser vibrometers in accordance with ISO 16063-41


Possible measurands

  • Velocity
  • Displacement
  • Acceleration

Calibration objects

  • Polytec CLV 2534
  • Polytec OFV 5000
  • Polytec PDV 100
  • Ometron VH300+
  • OptoMet Nova Sense Plus


Why is calibration
even required?

Here you will find an interesting overview with definitions,
further information and more about the benefits of our calibration services.

Alternative systems

Would you like to take calibration into your own hands? SPEKTRA offers you suitable system components.

Info: This system is in use at numerous national metrology institutes (including Switzerland, Poland, Spain, China, Thailand) as a reference standard for the measurand acceleration.

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