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Calibration Service – Inclination

Accredited calibration of your inclinometers – professional and reliable

Inclinometers are measuring instruments that can establish an exact angle of slope with respect to the direction of gravity or can effectively monitor changes in an inclination angle. However, calibration at regular intervals is necessary for this.

We can support you with our DAkkS-certified calibration services for your inclinometers and slope gauges as well as your tilt sensors or decelerometers.

  • DAkkS-accredited
  • The highest quality calibration services
  • Low measurement uncertainty
  • Representative measurements (traceable and reproducible)
  • Everything from one source: Service with in-house calibration systems
  • Reliable experts and tailored advice

Our accreditation certificate

Reliable calibration service for inclination sensors.

Inclinometer / slope gauge

Calibration of inclinometers and slope gauges (monoaxial and multiaxial)

Accredited secondary calibration with determination of linearity

  • Static inclination in earth’s gravitational field
  • Angle range -90°…0°…90°


Kalibrierservice für das KFZ-Gewerbe wie zum Beispiel Verzögerungsmessgeräte

Inclinometers and decelerometers

Calibration of inclinometers and decelerometers

Accredited secondary calibration of the display deviation in accordance with ISO 16063-16

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Six simple steps to your certificate

6 simple steps of SPEKTRAs service process

Key Features

Angle range

  • -90°…+90°

Calibration in accordance with the standard

  • ISO 16063-16


Why is calibration
even required?

Here you will find an interesting overview with definitions,
further information and more about the benefits of our calibration services.

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