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Calibration service: Electrical measurands

Calibrating signal conditioners. Providing precision measurements.

Signal conditioners help to provide precise measurements that are essential for accurate data gathering or for machine control systems. These instruments convert an electrical or mechanical input signal into other forms of output signal. The aim of the conditioning is to amplify the signal and convert it into an easily readable and compatible form for data collection.

While electrical calibrations usually start from frequencies of 10 Hz, we offer electrical calibration of your measuring equipment in low frequency ranges starting from 0.1 Hz.

Trust SPEKTRA for the electrical calibration of your signal conditioners and your vibration control systems.

  • DAkkS accredited for electrical measurands
  • Calibration services at the highest quality level
  • Lowest possible measurement uncertainty
  • Traceable for reproducible measurements
  • Short processing time in the laboratory of only 5-7 working days
  • Optional: express calibration within 48 hours

Our accreditation certificate

Signal conditioners, charge and measurement amplifiers

Electrical calibration and determination of the complex transfer coefficient (magnitude/phase) of charge and voltage for signal conditioners.

  • Calibration of charge for charge amplifiers in the range 0.1 pC…10 000 pC
  • Calibration of voltage for measurement amplifiers in the range 1 mV…30 V
  • Determination of input-to-output transfer behavior
  • Determination of input-to-output phase difference
  • Measurement of voltage and charge
A SPEKTRA technician in the electrical calibration laboratory.

Vibration control systems

Solutions for vibration control and shock testing are used by numerous laboratories and companies worldwide. We can electrically calibrate all vibration control systems and also the HERO™ from SPEKTRA for our customers.

  • Determination of the display deviation at the reference frequency
  • Frequency response and display deviation of the voltage and charge measurement channels for different measuring ranges
  • Generation of AC voltage
  • Determination of the cut-off frequency of the high-pass filter
  • Generation of the IEPE current and BIAS voltage
Calibration service for vibration control systems


In the field of sensor characterization, we can deliver the SPEKTRA S-TEST 2 and S-TEST 16 devices with DAkkS certificates. Accredited recalibration is also possible for customers without FECB.

  • Generation of DC voltage and direct current
  • Determination of display deviation of the voltage and current measurement
Calibration service for S-TEST sensor calibration devices

Voltage and charge measurement devices

SPEKTRA can calibrate the following electrical measurands traceably and with accreditation:

  • AC voltage
  • DC voltage
  • DC current
  • Capacitance
  • Charge

For voltage and charge measurement devices we can determine the display deviation for frequencies up to 100 kHz, up to 7 V or up to 7 nC. For DC or AC voltage sources, we can generate voltages up to 25 V or 12 V and for currents up to 1 A.

We offer a alibration service for voltage and charge measurement devices.

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Six simple steps to your certificate

6 simple steps of SPEKTRAs service process

Key features

  • DC voltage: 0.1 V…25 V
  • DC current: 20 µA…1 000 mA
  • AC voltage: 3.4 mV…12 V
  • Charge: 1.37 pC…7 000 pC
  • Capacitance: 100 pF or 1 000 pF at 1 kHz

Calibration in accordance with standards

  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
  • VDI/VDE/DGQ/DKD 2622


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