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Calibration Service – Dynamic Rotation

Highest measurement accuracy for angular rate sensors and IMU

Whether in the automotive sector for crash or driving dynamics tests, in the fields of railway, aviation or shipping, or in the construction industry for condition monitoring - angular rate sensors are used in a wide range of applications. Even complex inertial measurement units (IMU) combining several acceleration and angular rate sensors have to be calibrated regularly to ensure reliable measurements.

We provide calibration services at the highest level and with in-house systems for your sensors.

  • Service in accredited laboratory
  • Modern, in-house technology
  • Highest possible measurement accuracy
  • Traceable for reproducible measurements
  • Short processing time in our laboratory
  • Express calibration optional

Our accreditation certificate

Rotation rate sensors for crash tests can be calibrated at SPEKTRA.

Angular rate sensors and gyroscopes

Secondary calibration of the dynamic angular velocity

  • 0.5 Hz…200 Hz
  • 8 °/s…3 000 °/s


Rotation rate sensors used in rail traffic should be checked regularly.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Secondary calibration of dynamic acceleration (sine)

  • 0.1 Hz…20 kHz

Secondary calibration of dynamic angular velocity (sine)

  • 0.5 Hz…200 Hz
  • 8 °/s…3,000 °/s


Inertial Navigation System (INS)

DAkkS and factory calibration of devices with INS receivers for the measurand velocity.

  • triaxial rotation velocity at DAkkS level
  • only manufacturer-independent calibration laboratory in Europe
  • short throughput times = low downtimes


Details GNSS/INS calibration


HU adapters from the automotive industry are tested for angular velocity.

Rotation rate measuring systems

MEMS accelerometers and angular rate sensors can be applied in a wide range of measuring devices. Do you as a manufacturer or operator need to calibrate your measuring device? Please contact us.

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