Mobile Calibrator

Mobile Calibrator

We proudly present our prototype for mobile calibration of accelerometers. The new system offers all advantages of a mobile calibration system without sacrificing the valued user friendliness.


Advantages of the system

  1. Full functionality in the protected transport case
  2. Small and light enough to take along it as carry-on luggage for field measurements
  3. Easy-to-understand, user-friendly handling
  4. Easy data processing and integration into your own company environment
  5. Connectivity via WLAN / Ethernet
  6. Data format is compatible to the SPEKTRA laboratory systems
  7. Comprehensive integrated signal conditioners e.g. for PR sensors




PC-software for preparation and follow-up of Measurement Campaigns:


  1. Saving of individual calibration sequences in the device
  2. Automatic calibration procedure
  3. Storage of devices under test of measurement campaigns
  4. Thus: fast and easy selection of devices under test
  5. Administration of all devices under test, calibration sequences and protocols on PC
  6. Protocol viewer with export of data to Excel, Word etc.

Technical Details

  1. Frequency Range: 7 Hz ... 10 kHz
  2. Max. Stroke (peak-peak): 5 mm
  3. Max. Amplitude: 200 m/s²
  4. Standard Signal Conditioner: DIR, ICP, CHA
  5. Max. Payload: 900g
  6. Weight: below 10 kg

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