Variable, easy and efficient.
Scalable end-of-line system level tests for sensor mass production.


S-TEST 16 Fab

Optimized functions for efficient mass testing.

The S-TEST 16 Fab systems are designed for use in sensor mass production. Their optimized design allows operation in temperature-controlled switch cabinets. Variable throughput rates and test coverages can be realized ranging from small test series to highly parallel testing of several hundred sensors.


Trend-setting in every respect.

The end-of-line test in the production of modern MEMS sensors involves a large number of completely different stimuli. The S-TEST systems can therefore be used flexibly for all stimuli and handling systems. Whether the sensor measures pressure, acceleration, light or acoustic values, S-TEST systems can be used to test a wide variety of digital sensors.


The details make the difference.

The subcomponents of the S-TEST system are optimized to suit digital MEMS sensor testing. The concentration of all necessary measuring functions on one highly efficient measuring card forms the basis for cost-optimized testing. Additional efficiency is achieved by a combined interface card, which allows data communication, easy system firmware updates and calibration of the entire system.

Accessories and Options

Compatibility with any sensor.

To shorten the setup time of an S-TEST 16 Fab system, SPEKTRA offers a wide range of different cables, adapters and accessories. In this way, sensors with standard housings can be prepared more quickly for mass testing and handling systems can be equipped with impedance-matched measuring cables. SPEKTRA also supplies autonomous calibration equipment to simplify the calibration and maintenance of S-TEST systems.

Sensor production

Sensor production