eCal™ Calibration Protocol Application

Calibration protocols. Quick. Easy.

The eCal™ software application has been specially developed by SPEKTRA for calibration laboratories. eCalTM is simultaneously a universal calibration protocol viewer and a data transformation tool.

The application can transfer calibration data from various programs such as the SPEKTRA CS18 or CS Q-LEAPTM calibration systems into standardized output formats for digital distribution or printing. One dataset can therefore be used to generate calibration certificates in print form as well as digital calibration certificates, or to provide data for further processing in databases – all with the same ease. Further modules will be added to eCalTM in the future to allow post-processing of documents (signing, release, document storage, etc.) and workflows.

For all SPEKTRA calibration system operators and calibration laboratories who have always wanted a simple protocol viewer:

eCal™ is the solution!

eCal™ – Calibration tasks made easy

  • Simple – eCal™ is an easy-to-use protocol viewer for displaying and evaluating calibration data
  • Efficient – eCal™ enables you to quickly generate calibration certificates
  • Versatile – eCal™ supports a wide range of print and digital output formats
  • Flexible – eCal™ can be extended, adding other input and output formats on a modular basis
  • Universal - eCal™ can be expanded into a tool for document postprocessing

One solution fits all:
eCal™ can also be adapted to your calibration system through customer-specific import modules.

How does eCal™ work?

One application, many possibilities:

  • Read calibration data from a variety of input sources
  • Represent calibration data in an internal, extendable data format
  • Load multiple calibration protocol files with one click
  • Templates for a concise display of calibration data in diagrams and tables
  • Enables editing of order data without affecting the measurement data

The software solution for your calibration protocols.