Mobile Calibration Solutions

SPEKTRA pushes systems to the limit. And beyond borders.
Mobile testing and sensor calibration.


Representation of a wind turbine as an example for the use of a mobile calibration system.

If sensors cannot be taken to the laboratory, then the lab shall come to your sensors. Whether in large industrial plants, on wind farms or in the transportation sector - there are countless applications where a portable testing and calibration solution is the right choice.

On field sensor calibration

The SPEKTRA calibration experts provide alternatives to bulky systems that tie you to a laboratory. Mobile calibration solutions are especially attractive for smaller companies as they require lower investment outlays. Furthermore, there is a number of interesting applications for our portable, lightweight, efficient and economical solutions such as R&D or for universities.

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Our mobile Calibration Solutions

Calibration System CV-10

One-stop solution for on-site calibration at any location. Lightweight, powerful and future-proof: the system for calibration of acceleration sensors offers all the benefits of a mobile system with user-friendly interface.

Vibration Calibrator CV-01

Quick and easy troubleshoooting on vibration measurement systems and equipment for sensors weighing up to 150 g. Including a set of adapters and the internationally recognized DAkkS calibration certificate.