Meet the ever-increasing demands for sensor testing, characterization, and calibration.
Rethinking vibration exciters.

Sensor testing made easy: Invest in versatility and durability!

Continuously higher amplitudes, extreme conditions, very high sensitivity. The demands on your test equipment for testing, characterizing and calibrating are increasing in parallel with the constantly evolving sensors. You must also be able to cover a wide range of different types - from the smallest assemblies to very heavy vibration sensors. If your investment is also durable and easy to integrate, you have made the right decision.

For daily testing tasks as well as special applications

What makes the SE-2X series of vibration exciters a multi-talent for numerous applications?

  • high performance with very low transverse motion
  • each shaker type with a different focus
  • continuous operation even with high payloads
  • high-quality, durable materials
  • available as a "T-variant" for extreme temperature conditions


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SE-2X exciter: impressive features, superior performance

very wide frequency range
DC…20 kHz (SE-20)
DC…50 kHz (SE-21, SE-29)

All details can be found in the data sheets!

high maximum payload
for larger sensors, geophones or for vibration testing of smaller devices up to 2 kg vertically

low transverse motion < 5%
with a maximum displacement of 10 mm thanks to innovative spring-guided drive

extreme temperature range
all SE-2X exciters are available as "T models" for use in a climatic chamber at -40 °C to +120 °C

continuously high amplitudes
forced cooling possible with optional fan and monitoring via internal temperature sensor

fast workflow integration
simple operation and no need for compressed air supply or zero position control

1) from 3 Hz with optional internal reference sensor
2) recommended until 10 kHz for calibration of vibration sensors

Product sites:

SE-20 (T)

SE-21 (T)

SE-29 (T)

Data sheets:

SE-20 (T)

SE-21 (T)

SE-29 (T)

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»The versatile application possibilities were an important part of the development concept.«

High performance even with high payload

The SE-2X series enables new applications for testing and calibrating larger sensors, geophones or for vibration testing of smaller devices. The maximum payload is up to 2 kg in vertical excitation.

With the optionally available trunnion base, test specimens of up to 1 kg can be excited horizontally.

Low transverse vibrations

As can be seen in the diagram, the values of the transverse motion are typically < 5 % to the main axis and thus in wide frequency ranges are far below the required limit values of ISO 16063-11/21. This predestines these vibration exciters for the characterization or calibration of sensors, for example.

  • Complies with the ISO 16063-11/21 standards for calibrating vibration sensors

Testing directly in a climate chamber

All SE-2X exciters offer a standard temperature range of -20 °C ...+80 °C (-4 °F...+176 °F).

For tests under special climatic conditions, they are available as "T model" for use in a climate or temperature chamber in the range -40 °C...+120 °C (-40 °F...+248 °F). Selected materials and a specific design are used for this requirement.

Continuous operation at high amplitudes

Forced cooling of the coil and armature by an optional fan means that the SE-2X exciters are also suitable for continuous use.

At the same time, live temperature monitoring can be carried out using a built-in sensor. Both sets are useful additions to counteract overheating. They are available as an option for all shakers in this series.

Fast workflow integration

The shakers have been developed without a compressed air supply for easy, trouble-free implementation in any laboratory environment. This also eliminates the need for zero position control, which reduces working times. The user-friendly, simple operation means that the SE-2X vibration exciters can be quickly integrated into existing workflows.

When you opt for an SE-2X exciter, you are also opting for the know-how of our experts. We will be happy to advise you so that you can get started quickly and easily!

Variable coupling of your test items

Various methods are available for mounting the DUT on the exciter. The SE-20 and SE-29 have screw threads with which the sensors can be attached directly or via various adapters.

A special feature is the cube shape of the SE-21, which allows the test specimen to be attached to any side and thus the excitation of different axes. The solid ceramic fitting eliminates any interference that could be caused by a larger adapter. Simultaneous testing of several sensors is also possible.

Support – before and after your decision
Our experts will advise you on selecting the right technology and implementing it in your individual test environment. We ensure a trouble-free start and support you in facing new challenges.

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Discover the SE-20 vibration exciter

Accessories and options

Efficient testing, characterization and calibration of sensors requires smooth test procedures and reliable equipment. A specially coordinated technical setup is essential so that you can determine exact values, minimize interferences and at the same time work in a cost- and time-conscious manner.

We have developed useful options and supplementary accessories for you based on the experience gained from our daily testing and calibration challenges. With these extensions, you are equipped for all applications and can trust your results.

  • internal IEPE reference accelerometers for calibration and test applications
  • suitable power amplifier PA 500 DM
  • trunnion base for any angle and exact stops at 0°... 90°
  • adapter sets for mounting various sensors
  • adapter for proximity sensors
  • accessory set for active cooling
  • readout set for internal temperature sensor
  • various accessories such as cables, connectors, adapters and tools

Trunnion base

Allows the exciters of the SE-2X series to be tilted and fixed at any angle. With exact stops at 0° and 90°.

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Power amplifier

We offer suitable power amplifiers with low harmonic distortion and high reliability for the SE-2X exciter series.

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Adapter as part of the CV-10 accessories.


We provide a wide range of adhesive adapters, mounting adapters and studs for your sensors.


Cabels as part of the CV-10 accessories.


To connect your sensors, we offer various cables and cable adapters for your calibration with the CV-10.


Developed and manufactured in Dresden/Germany.