Mobile Calibration System CV-10

The CV-10 provides all the benefits of a mobile system.
With the proven user-friendly interface of SPEKTRA.


Discover how smart, easy and flexible the on-site test and calibration of accelerometers, proximity probes and velocity sensors can be.

An extensive, portable and lightweight calibration system, traceable to NIST and PTB, delivered in a rugged case – and available at low investment costs!

Various operating modes, only 9 kg, up to 10 hours battery driven operation and powerful vibration exciters are just a few of numerous reasons why the CV-10 is the right choice for many industries.

Modes of operation








Key features

  • frequency range: 5 Hz...10 kHz
  • stroke max. (peak-peak): 5 mm
  • amplitude max.: 200 m/s²
  • standard signal conditioner: direct voltage input, IEPE, charge, 4 mA…20 mA
  • payload max.: 900 g (1.98 lb)
  • only 9 kg
  • up to 10 h battery operation
  • variable 100 V...240 V
  • powerful vibration exciter
  • traceable to PTB, NIST etc.


Data sheet CV-10

Flyer CV-10

Release note 1.8

Application range

With the mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA, safety in cars is guaranteed.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA is used in development.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA can help on machines in industry.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA is used in the energy industry.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA supports sensor calibration in aeronautics.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA is especially interesting for universities and colleges.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA is used in rail transport.
The mobile calibrator from SPEKTRA is used in the construction industry.
Detailed view of the vibration exciter of the mobile calibration system CV-10.

A wide range of applications in a compact design

The CV-10 was specifically designed to simplify your on-site calibration of accelerometers, proximity probes, velocity sensors and many more. You can test and calibrate vibration meters as well as test beds anywhere, anytime so you can ensure business continuity and reduce downtimes. Moreover, your test results are traceable to national institutes such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or the german PTB.

Technical data

Clever and future-proof features

In addition to a powerful vibration exciter and many integrated signal conditioners, the mobile calibrator features an extension port for new exciting options. The already available signal conditioner box for piezo-resistive accelerometers will be followed by a programmable power supply for other sensor types and more options. The simple data exchange via USB and Ethernet will be extended to a WiFi function in the future.

Detailed view Ethernet and USB connection of the portable calibration system from SPEKTRA.
Detailed view of the keyboard on the portable calibration system CV-10 from SPEKTRA.

Years of experience in calibration loaded in a portable case

Because SPEKTRA is a specialist in the field of sensor calibration, decades of expertise pour into our product development. Individual customer requirements and knowledge gained from practice and experience in our laboratory help us add innovative features on to our products. For the CV-10, this include a comprehensive range of integrated signal conditioners, simple data exchange and processing, and the choice between a manual mode with presets and an automated mode.

Options and prices

A man at a laptop learns about sensor calibration with SPEKTRA's free e-learning modules.

E-Learning modules for CV-10

Our step-by-step tutorials and detailed guides will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to unlock the full potential of your CV-10. Discover insider tips and tricks, learn how to troubleshoot common issues, and gain confidence in operating the system with ease. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, there's always something new to learn and explore in the realm of CV-10 calibration. All the content provided is completely free of charge and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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The portability of the SPEKTRA CV-10 is appreciated all over the world. International customers save time and money as it offers the flexibility to perform calibrations and measurements in a wide variety of locations. In addition to short downtimes, this also ensures a fully operating system.

CV-10 Worldwide: capabilities, applications and industries covered by the SPEKTRA mobile calibration system around the globe.

«We stand for steady high quality, user-friendly solutions and an all-round support. To ensure consistency, traceability and accurate results we can re-calibrate your CV-10 system.»

Options and prices

Michael Mende | Product Manager CS

Suitable products:

The accessory set for proximity sensors as option for the mobile calibrator CV-10.

Accessory set for proximity probes

The stainless steel target enables an exact adjustment to the vibration exciter.

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The PR module as optional accessory for the mobile calibrator CV-10.

Extension Module for PR Sensors

For fast and reliable check and calibration of piezo-resistive accelerometers.

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Adapter as part of the CV-10 accessories.


We provide a wide range of adhesive adapters, mounting adapters and studs for your sensors.


Cabels as part of the CV-10 accessories.


To connect your sensors, we offer various cables and cable adapters for your calibration with the CV-10.