PA 180 DM

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For all vibration exciters that require a 180 VA power amplifier (load impedance 0.8 Ω). The PA 180 DM offers a max. frequency range DC ... 100 kHz, small harmonic distortion, excellent stability even with temperature or supply line variations and helpful protection functions.



  • frequency range:
    40 Hz … 20 kHz full power
    DC … 100 kHz small signal
  • power output, max. 180 VA into a 0.8 Ω resistive load
  • high reliability operation
  • switch between voltage and current mode
  • phase shift (0° or 180°)
  • variable gain control
  • current limit control
  • temperature protection
  • multifunction OLED display


  • test and characterization
  • environmental testing systems
  • calibration systems
  • modal testing shakers

Range of Use

  • research and development departments in industry
  • environment testing laboratories
  • calibration laboratories
  • universities and research institutes

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