SE-2x Trunnion Base

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Allows the vibration axis of the exciter (SE-20, SE-21 and SE-29) to be tilted and locked at any angle between 0° and 90° from the vertical axis.

  • Calibration of sensors that must be used in a specific orientation to the earth's gravity field
  • To excite structures under test (e.g. for modal analysis)
  • Quick and easy change between vertical and horizontal operation with good repeatability
  • Suspension of the vibration exciter by means of eyebolts screwed into the tilting frame
  • For SPEKTRA vibration exciters SE-20, SE-21 and SE-29
  • Dimensions (H × B × L): 230 mm × 375 mm × 300 mm (9.0 in × 14.8 in × 11.8 in)
  • Weight: ca. 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Material: Aluminium

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