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Innovative spring-guided vibration exciter with leading technology as part of the SE-2X exciter series. The SE-20 offers a very wide frequency range, low transverse motion, wide temperature range and high payload. In addition to top quality components, the focus is on a versatile range of application and easy implementation in existing test environments.


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Selected data

  • acceleration, max. (sine-peak): 600 m/s2
  • force rating, max. (sine-peak): 95 N
  • frequency range: 3 Hz...20 kHz (with optional internal reference standard)
  • transverse motion typical < 5 %
  • displacement, max. (peak-peak): 10 mm
  • temperature range: -40 °C…+120 °C (as SE-20T model)
  • payload, max.: 2 kg vertical / 1 kg horizontal


  • scratch resitant hard-coated armature made from aluminum
  • high payload capability for large sensors or geophones
  • easy operation in climate chambers
  • efficient electrodynamic drive using high flux motor
  • internal reference accelerometer optional
  • no compressed air supply or zero position controller required
  • trunnion for vertical and horizontal mode


  • calibration of vibration sensors according to ISO 16063-21
  • vibration tests of small-scale devices
  • modal and structural testing
  • education and training

For further details, please refer to the technical data sheet. Subject to change without notice.


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