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Air-bearing electrodynamic Vibration Exciter with mounting table for high payloads up to 50 kg. Especially developed for seismic simulation of components,
primary and secondary calibration as well as testing of big and heavy low frequency seismic sensors or geophones.


Product Video:

Technical data

  • Force, max.: 500 N
  • Displacement, max.: 25 mm (peak-peak)
  • Frequency Range: DC ... 400 Hz
  • Velocity, max.: 300 mm/s
  • Acceleration, max.: 60 m/s² (6 gn)
  • Table size: Ø 350 mm (Ø 14 in)
  • Payload, max.: 50 kg (110 lbs)


  • standard mechanical adapter incl. magnetic field shield
  • efficient electrodynamic drive for sine, random or transient signals
  • air bearing guidance provides excellent waveform
  • very low transverse motion according to ISO 16063-21

Accessories (optional)

  • Internal reference standard
  • Recommended power amplifier
  • Zero position controller
  • Stray Magnetic Field Compensation Kit
  • Customized mechanical adapter (on request)

For further details, please refer to the technical data sheet. Subject to change without notice.


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