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The DRE-01 dynamic rotation exciter is used for calibration of gyro transducers (angular velocity/acceleration) and for characterization of MEMS sensors. It features very low motion distortion, built-in overload protection and cooling for improved performance, and can be operated with any signal generator or vibration controller.


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Technical data

  • Torque, max.: 0.95 Nm (sine peak)
  • Frequency range, max.: 1 Hz...5 kHz
  • Payload, max.: 0.5 kg
  • Transverse acceleration:
    • 1 Hz…600 Hz: < 0.2 m/s²/(°/s)
    • 600 Hz…5 kHz: < 2.0 m/s²/(°/s)
  • Angular velocity, max: 5300 °/s (sine peak)
  • Angular acceleration, max: 2500000 °/s (sine peak)
  • Total harmonic distortion (angular velocity):
    • 1 Hz…6 Hz: < 10%
    • 6 Hz…5 kHz: < 3%


  • electrodynamic drive
  • compact design
  • customizable table for DUT mounting
  • works with any signal generator or vibration controller
  • internal reference sensors available
  • very low distortion of movement (electronic zero point controller option)
  • integrated overload protection and cooling for improved performance

For further details, please refer to the technical data sheet. Subject to change without notice.

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