Testing at its limit

Dynamic Rotation Exciter

State-of-the-art sensors for applications such as mobility and automotive require special test systems for high-frequency vibration excitation. With the dynamic rotation exciter DRE-01, SPEKTRA opens new performance ranges which are needed for testing these next generation sensors.
The dynamic rotation exciter DRE-01 is mainly used for calibration or characterization of angular rate sensors. A further field of application is the investigation of various sensors under the influence of a rotational disturbance.

It convinces with outstanding characteristics, such as:

  • Wide Frequency Range: 1 Hz … 5 kHz
  • Angular Velocity: up to 5 300 °/s
  • Angular Acceleration: up to 2 500 000 °/s²
  • Rotation Angle: ±15 ° (maximum)

The standard version is equipped with a rotary table with a diameter of 50 mm. Typical test specimens such as sensors or prototype boards can be attached to this by screw or adhesive connections. Customer-specific adaptations of the coupling surface are also available on request.

The exciter can be used for various applications, such as:

  • Calibration of angular rate sensors (angular rate / acceleration)
  • Development and characterization of MEMS sensors
  • Stress tests



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