SPEKTRA's first TESTelligent story: our success story

SPEKTRA – A TESTelligence Story

Since its establishment in 1994, SPEKTRA has become a renowned manufacturer of components and systems for the testing and calibration of sensors worldwide. And this expertise has a history. As employees of the former VEB Robotron Messelektronik Dresden in the field of acoustics, vibration and pressure measurement technology, the SPEKTRA founders were themselves specialists in the field of vibration measurement technology. Our expertise is therefore based on decades of experience in the field of "dynamic measurement of mechanical quantities".

From expertise to cleverness

The new technology of MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) accelerometers was first used in 1996 for safety applications (e.g. triggering of airbags) in the automotive industry. SPEKTRA immediately seized the opportunity and - with only a handful of employees - built a mechanical sensor test system for an automotive supplier. The system’s performance far exceeded that of other systems.

The clever and innovative approach used to develop this new test system triggered the attention and interest of one of the world‘s largest MEMS manufacturer. He from then on used SPEKTRA test systems in its production line. Ever since, we have suppported this and many other MEMS manufacturers and developers. And thus by providing tailored solutions as well as test systems from sensor development down to production.

The key to success: Efficient and intelligent systems

How did our solutions manage to stand out from the competitors‘ systems? The key to success lays on the intelligent approach of SPEKTRA combined with efficient development and implementation.

Where other manufacturers rely on large - and thus expensive - universal test systems for semiconductors tests or on a combination of several universal measuring cards, SPEKTRA on the other hand, develops specialized measuring boards for sensor tests. The main benefit of this solution: a single testing platform which can be flexibly adapted to new sensor generations.

The S-TEST system is based on the concept of "a complete tester on a single board"! Our systems are very powerful and efficient because the technology is optimized for "system level testing" tasks as required for final testing of MEMS sensors. Instead of a large test system, a single measurement board provides all resources and measurement capabilities to support testing of up to four independent DUT channels. One full chassis can hold up to 16 of these measurement boards and almost any number of chassis can be synchronized with each other. Thanks to this concept, SPEKTRA S-TEST systems are highly scalable: from compact laboratory test setups to large end-of-line test systems for highest throughput/output rates.

Reliability and long-term cooperation that inspire trust

SPEKTRA has always supported its customers in their R&D activities. Through regular communication and exchange of ideas, we can early detect which future sensor generation will require an innovative approach in the field of inspection and test systems. One of our strengths is being ready for novelty and accepting any challenge when it comes to the development of test systems.

As a result, SPEKTRA has evolved from a supplier of mechanical test systems to a provider of comprehensive solutions. Because mechanics, electronics and software come from a single source and can be delivered as turnkey systems. Tailored solutions for special mechanical or electronic measurements can also be delivered based on our standard systems.

Over the years, our flexible test systems have suppported the development of technology from sensors with analog outputs to sensors with digital outputs. Our high-frequency vibration exciters are constantly improved to reach ever higher ranges and push to new physical limits. With the new development of exciters for further mechanical quantities such as pressure or rotation rates, SPEKTRA is constantly breaking new ground in terms of innovation.


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