International Metrology Congress at SPEKTRA

In May, experts from all over the world met at SPEKTRA in Dresden to present current research questions and solutions of international metrology institutes.

For two days, experts discussed current work and various topics from their fields of work, such as (primary) calibration in acceleration and acoustics, digitization, dynamic calibration of pressure sensors, seismometry and much more.

The workshop offered participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with other top specialists from industry, research and business in order to improve their international cooperation.

Presentations included, amongst others:

  1. Primary acoustic calibration
  2. Establishing new types of microphones as reference standard
  3. Reciprocity calibration of microphones
  4. Methods for dynamic calibration of pressure sensors
  5. Primary calibration of pressure sensors
  6. Seismometry - evaluation and challenges in calibration and characterization
  7. ...

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