Increasing quality of work by reducing noise

Noise makes you sick. "Noise-induced hearing loss" is one of the most frequently recognised occupational diseases in Germany. Therefore, employers are obliged to determine the noise levels their employees are exposed to at their workplace in order to identify possible hazards and initiate appropriate preventive measures.

Noise dosimeters are one way of recording the noise exposure level. These small, wireless devices are worn on the body and record the noise exposure of the employee during his work. In order to obtain reliable measurement results, personal noise dosimeters should be calibrated regularly.

Since 2019 SPEKTRA offers the calibration of dosimeters according to DIN EN 61252:2018 at DAkkS level. Our customers can choose between two different calibrations with different performance ranges. We offer extensive metrological tests for all those who wish to have the instruments fully specified.

Small performance range (Article no. MK-P-ND-D) includes:

  • Acoustical calibration of Noise Dosimeters in a sound pressure chamber
  • Calibration of the sound exposure at 1 kHz at one operating point (integration time: 60 s, sound pressure level: 114 dB)
  • Including conformity check according to DIN EN 61252: 2018

Extensive performance range (Article no. MK-P-ND-EK-D) includes:

  • Calibration of the linearity of the frequency response in the sound exposure range from 0.32 Pa²h to 80 Pa²h with a total of 6 working points (sound pressure level: 104 dB, 114 dB, 124 dB with two integration times each) -
  • Calibration of the frequency response in the frequency range from 63 Hz to 8 kHz at 8 working points
  • Including conformity check according to DIN EN 61252:2018


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Because: Preventing noise at your workplace increases quality and performance of your employees' work.


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