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Your top-quality measuring equipment should be calibrated regularly to always keep the quality of your measurements at the highest stage.

SPEKTRA offers various solutions for the calibration of sensors or complete measurement chains in the areas of acceleration, sound measurement, dynamic force and dynamic pressure. read more ...

Vibration Tests

Vibration and shock tests are needed in various application areas - from modal analysis and fatigue testing to quality inspection of prototypes. read more ...

Modal Analysis

How does an earthquake effect a building? How does an aircraft carrier behave in wind resistance? Structural dynamics study the behavior of such large structures under force.

With a modal analysis on the vibration measurement systems of SPEKTRA you can adjust the influence of such forces. read more ...

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft noise is by now identified as a major environmental problem which affects the quality of life of residents living close to the airports, thus ensuring strong public interest. This noise is measured by external microphones that can be calibrated at SPEKTRA. read more ...






On September 12th SPEKTRA celebrated its 25th anniversary. We would like to thank all customers, suppliers and partners that have made this possible.



In October SPEKTRA organizes again our annual seminars for newcomers and experienced staff of calibration laboratories in the fields of vibration and acoustics.

  1. Earthquake Engineering

    Date: 18.06.2018
    Location: Thessaloniki

    The Hellenic Society of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organize the 16th

  2. MCS 2018 Osaka

    Date: 07.11.2018
    Location: Osaka

    Exhibition of measurement and control solution, leading the manufacturing excellence.

    Our representative for Japan (FIT Pacific) will be

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  3. DAGA 2019

    Date: 18.03.2019
    Location: Rostock

    Conference ot the German Asscociation of Acoustics

    Booth No.: 30

    Website DAGA

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  4. Automotive Testing Expo Europe

    Date: 21.05.2019
    Location: Stuttgart

    Automotive Testing Expo Europe is the leading event, dedicated to the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles throughout

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  5. IIFES Japan

    Date: 27.11.2019
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Innovative Industry Fair for E & E solutions

    The exhibiton is the gathering place for cutting-edge industry technology and information,

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Tokyo, Japan

Innovative Industry Fair for E & E solutions

The exhibiton is the gathering place for cutting-edge industry technology and information, focused on the electronics and measurement industries.