Increasing our calibration services

Calibrating inclinometers and angular rate at SPEKTRA


The in-house calibration laboratory of SPEKTRA has added the calibration of inclination angle sensors and dynamic angular rate to its portfolio.


Inclinometers can now be calibrated at DAkkS level in the angular range of 1 degree to 90 degrees relative to the Earth's gravity vector, by inclination in the static gravitational field of the earth. The sensor is therefore positioned on a tilt table and calibrated at different angular positions.


Another new feature is the calibration of acceleration measurement technology with static excitation in the Earth's gravity field at DAkkS level. This method is a primary method, which is applied with very high accuracy. This method can also be applied to calibrate e.g. decelerometers from the automotive sector.


Angular velocity sensors, angular acceleration sensors and measuring instruments can now be calibrated using sinusoidal excitation in the frequency range from 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz at DAkkS level with rotational input values angular velocity and angular acceleration and traced back to the national standard. In contrast to previous methods, in which a calibration was carried out by means of a static excitation (constant rotation rate), this new dynamic approach was established and accredited at SPEKTRA. This makes it possible to record the frequency response and phase angle as well as transit time of rotational metrology and to document all in a DAkkS calibration certificate.


Furthermore, a special accreditation for the calibration of testing equipment via the electronic vehicle interface (HU adapter) was realized. This device is dynamically calibrated using state-of-the-art technology and current calibration standards using a modern method.


For operators of vibration test systems, SPEKTRA has been the first and so far only calibration laboratory to offer on-site calibration for vibration test systems at DAkkS level. Our specially trained engineers calibrate your entire vibration test system directly at your laboratory.

Our current certificates can be found on our website.


We offer manufacturer-independent calibration services according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and thus an independent professional quality statement for your measuring equipment.

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