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TESTelligence on the road with the CV-10

On-site testing and calibration made easy!

When a test setup has to be inspected quickly on site, a portable calibration solution is often the only option. The CV-10 combines all advantages of mobile calibration with the trusted, advanced technology and user-friendliness of SPEKTRA laboratory devices.

We have developed the CV-10 mobile calibration system to considerably simplify on-site testing and calibration of accelerometers, proximity probes, velocity sensors and much more. The CV-10 has many applications particularly in the automotive industry. When used in conjunction with the CV-10 PR , piezoresistive transducers can also be tested and calibrated quickly and reliably. Additionally, the CV-10 can be used to calibrate vibration measuring instruments and complete measurement chains.

A wide range of applications in a lightweight case

The CV-10 mobile calibration system can tackle a wide range of measurement tasks.

  • Its continuous frequency sweep enables users to check the entire frequency bandwidth of the device under test.
  • The manual mode lets you check the functionality of a sensor at an individually selected frequency and amplitude.
  • In profile mode, the unit automatically runs through and processes a series of measurement points at preset frequencies and amplitudes. You can store and edit a set of calibration profiles in the system for this purpose.

The high-performance vibration exciter of the CV-10 delivers frequencies from 5 Hz to 10 kHz.

Thanks to its compact size, the CV-10 is easy to transport and can be easily carried to measurement assignments in various laboratories or in the field. And with a battery that allows up to 10 hours of operation, there is no need for a power connection at the test site. This is another convenient feature of the mobile calibration system: the possibility of testing and calibrating acceleration sensors and test setups in any location means that downtimes are significantly reduced.


Detailed view of the vibration exciter of the mobile calibration system CV-10.
Detailed view Ethernet and USB connection of the portable calibration system from SPEKTRA.
Detailed view of the keyboard on the portable calibration system CV-10 from SPEKTRA.

Take hold of the future of calibration – in a compact rugged case

In addition to its high-performance vibration exciter and multiple integrated signal conditioners, the CV-10 offers an extension port for further options. The signal conditioner already available for piezoresistive accelerometers will be followed by a programmable power supply unit for other sensor types. In addition to the simple data exchange currently offered via USB storage media, a network connection will be added in the future, using the existing Ethernet interface and/or an optional WiFi adapter.

SPEKTRA stands for precision and proven quality. For this reason, all CV-10 units are calibrated in our DAkkS-accredited laboratory before shipment and are thus traceable to national institutions such as the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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