Technical seminars at SPEKTRA - new dates 2023

From April 25-26 and September 26-29, 2023, the annual technical seminars will take place at the headquarters of SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden. These events are targeted to beginners and employees of calibration laboratories in the fields of vibration technology and acoustics as well as for vibration test systems.

Participants learn about different measuring equipment, their modes of operation and physical backgrounds, and discuss disturbing influences during calibration as well as current time-effective calibration methods.

At the end of the seminar, the participants will have basic knowledge of various types of test specimens, will be familiar with relevant standards, possible influencing variables on the measurement uncertainty and possibilities for minimizing or eliminating interfering influences during calibration.

Users of SPEKTRA calibration systems can discuss existing operating modes and learn about new possibilities in the advanced seminar. The focus is on the effective implementation of calibration tasks for our customers. Basic knowledge of calibration in vibration technology is recommended for this seminar.

Check the overview for further information on our seminars.

Note that in-house seminars are held in German language. Are you interested in an introduction to calibration or more information about the SPEKTRA products? We recommend a registration on our elearning platform, SPEKTRA CAMPUS. For further information or to get access to our CAMPUS, please contact

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