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SPEKTRA and DTC cooperate for DAkkS calibration of OxTS instruments in Germany

DTC and SPEKTRA have joined forces to simplify and accelerate the calibration service for Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) from OxTS products in Germany. DTC is an experienced provider of complete solutions for all aspects of test and measurement technology for autonomous driving and ADAS testing. SPEKTRA is a German family-owned company and an accredited calibration laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

With its high-precision calibration systems and expertise in the field of calibration, SPEKTRA now offers DAkkS calibration for the OxTS devices of the RT1000 and RT3000 series. DTC customers can have their instruments calibrated in Germany, resulting in less downtime during the calibration cycle. Because the service is performed in Germany, instrument shipment is faster and does not require customs declarations. This also means lower shipping costs and faster return of equipment to customers.


DTC specializes in high-quality products, consulting and service in the field of measurement technology for autonomous driving and ADAS testing. With comprehensive expertise, DTC offers complete solutions for intelligent inertial and GNSS measurement technology and high-precision inertial navigation systems. The precision measurement systems for vehicle dynamics, driver assistance systems, accurate indoor positioning and highly automated driving are used by leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

What are Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)?

Inertial navigation systems (INS for short) include various inertial sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. The measurements are processed and output by a built-in central unit.

In opposite to GPS-based navigation systems, INS always require a reference to the initial point. Starting from this point, the position on all 3 axes is calculated and precisely determined.

In general, INS are used in various applications for positioning. They are often found in the automotive industry, in aerospace, in shipping, or in the autonomous driving of vehicles. They are also used for mapping and surveying.

Benefits of the cooperation for DTC customers

High-quality services from an independent calibration service provider
Customers receive high-level calibration services from a manufacturer-independent calibration service provider.

Shorter downtimes, faster equipment shipment and lower shipping costs
In addition, downtime in the calibration cycle is reduced because the service is provided within Germany. This eliminates time-consuming customs declarations and customs-related delivery delays. Domestic shipping also means lower costs.    

DAkkS certificate as proof of calibration
At the end of calibration, customers will receive a DAkkS certificate as proof of the performed calibration.

Comprehensive service, simple and uncomplicated processing

The SPEKTRA service includes the calibration of the transmission coefficient of the 3 sensor axes for acceleration measurement and for angular velocity measurement with sinus excitation in the frequency range from 0.5 Hz to 16 Hz, as well as the calibration of the display deviation of a GPS-based speed measuring device by means of comparison with a simulated GNSS signal – the latter, however, only for the OxTS RT3000 product series.

The calibration process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Customers send their OxTS RT device to DTC in Krailling, Germany as usual in the original packaging, including accessories such as connection cables, adapters and documentation.
  2. SPEKTRA then performs the calibration service and customers receive a DAkkS and/or a factory calibration certificate from SPEKTRA for each calibration, which is enclosed with the device when it is returned.
  3. If the tested device falls out of the specifications, it can be sent to the OxTS manufacturer in the UK for adjustment.

The entire calibration service usually takes about 10 working days plus return shipping.

The cooperation is of great importance for the accredited laboratory of SPEKTRA, as it shows appreciation for the competence and quality of the calibration services. Not everyone can provide calibration services at the highest level. This is why SPEKTRA has gained the trust of a renowned company like DTC as a full-solution partner for all aspects of measurement technology for autonomous driving and ADAS testing. For DTC, this collaboration means improved and simplified service for their? customers and the assurance that INS equipment will be accurately calibrated.

"It is an endorsement of our expertise and a vote of confidence in the quality of our calibration services", adds Martin Nicklich, Managing Director of SPEKTRA.

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