SPEKTRA expands calibration services by impact energy

Pioneer Work: Own method for the accredited calibration of spring hammers

It is an ideal example of good cooperation: The team around laboratory manager Philipp Begoff repeatedly received requests for an accredited calibration for spring percussion hammers. But apart from Great Britain, there was no company in Europe that could offer this service.

This is until SPEKTRA developed its own method for this calibration. Soon it was validated, verified and certified by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). After the receipt of the corresponding certificate in August 2022, test laboratories, product developers and other users can now obtain DAkkS-certified calibration of spring percussion hammers in the first and so far only calibration laboratory in Germany.

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The (spring) impact hammer is used for impact tests to determine the mechanical strength of devices under test (according to IEC, CEE, EN, UL, DIN and VDE standards).

These stress tests show, e.g. whether the material under test is only elastically deformed or permanently deformed. Changes in the structure up to fractures may also be detected.

For this purpose, the exact values of the applied force are essential for calculation and evaluation.

"Ready for TESTelligence" means developing solutions to the challenges of our customers

The impact energy generated by the spring hammer is calculated from the basic equation for the kinetic energy of moving bodies: EKIN = m/2 * v2

In doing so, the measurement of the motion velocity (v) of the impact element is performed by means of a calibrated laser vibrometer. For the evaluation of measurement uncertainties, a distinction is made between demountable and non-demountable spring impact hammers.

Measuring Range:

  • 0.1 ... 2.0 J

Measurement Uncertainties:

  • 1.2 % (for dismountable spring percussion hammers)
  • 2.3 % (for non-dismountable spring percussion hammers)

"For many customers, it is a meaningful and long-desired extension of SPEKTRA services. For us, it is another successful example of the TESTelligence approach: we will continue to respond to market requirements and develop suitable solutions for our customers.."

Philipp Begoff, Manager Calibration Laboratory at SPEKTRA

Accredited calibration services from SPEKTRA are of interest to many industries, such as the automotive industry, electronics production or construction, and are even required by quality management, as the certificates serve as proof of safety control during audits and are an internationally recognized standard.

Calibration Service: Impact Energy

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