Upgrade: "Measurement Mode" extends the range of applications

Now you can easily measure your vibration sensors on site

The release 1.8, published end of last year, significantly expands the capabilities of the CV-10 mobile calibration system. The latest feature for mobile testing is the "measurement mode" option. With this mode of operation, you can determine vibrations with the help of an external reference acceleration sensor. The frequency, amplitude and distortion factor are read from the sensor signal. This means that vibration sensors can be calibrated and verified directly on site.

Typical applications include checking vibration test systems, calibrating vibration calibrators or measuring machine vibrations.

The measurement mode is now available as an optional software feature. Customers who already own a mobile calibration system from SPEKTRA can easily upgrade their CV-10 with a software update.

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Measuring and calibrating in one mobile device –
the multi-talent for vibration sensors

How to reduce downtime of vibration test systems with the CV-10?

Users need to regularly check their vibration test systems or quickly and easily verify their functionality after a high-load test. With the new "Measurement mode", they can now do this without much effort. The test stand is set to a specific frequency and amplitude, and a reference sensor is mounted on the vibration exciter. The CV-10 mobile calibration system measures the vibration with this sensor, and the user can verify that the frequency and amplitude match the set values.

  • Faster and easier verification
  • Independent measurement system
  • Mobile measurement of frequency, amplitude and harmonic distortion
  • Determination of current sensitivity of all control and measurement sensors possible
On-site calibration of vibration test systems

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In our release note V1.8 you can read about all new features of the CV-10. It is available for download as a PDF. Previous version is V1.6.

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