Redefining technical limits of high frequency vibration exciters

New SE-29 vibration exciter

Ready to meet the best testing and calibration exciter in the frequency range up to 50 kHz?

Our SPEKTRA SE-29 brings together the performance needed for precise calibration as well as the ruggedness required for thorough testing – all without relying on compressed air.

Thanks to its special components, the exciter can operate in a temperature range of -20 °C up to 80 °C which makes it ready to be used in climate chambers. To go further, the SE-29T version with its temperature option will allow users to operate their SPEKTRA exciters in extreme temperature conditions, ranging from -40 °C to 120 °C.

More powerful than ever – fact check

Do you need hard facts? Here are just a few key features that make the SE-29 stand out from the crowd:

  • wide frequency range (3 Hz…50 kHz)
  • higher payload capability (for large sensors or geophones) up to 2 kg
  • operation in wide temperature range (-20 °C…+80 °C)
  • vertical and horizontal operation using the new trunnion base
  • very low transverse motion (< 5 %)
  • lower stray magnetic field (< 3 mT)
    → especially valuable for calibration of magnetic field sensitive sensors

Overall, the SE-29 shows an improved general performance as compared to its predecessor.

Check the product data sheet for more details

Because details matter – features and available options

To highlight just a few, we introduce five interesting options available for the SE-29:


Thanks to the internal reference sensor, the entire shaker armature can be used to mount a DUT. The reference accelerometer is mounted on the inside of the armature and is used to measure the actual motion. This is especially interesting for secondary calibrations or for operators testing DUTs, such as in sensor development, environmental testing or sensor characterization.



The temperature option (SE-29T) extends the temperature range to -40 °C…+120 °C and allows testing of the SE-29 inside a climate chamber.


As temperature monitoring is crucial while taking the exciter to its limits, SPEKTRA offers an integrated temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the shaker armature – and thus monitoring of DUT, reference standard and exciter at the same time. To avoid overheating, the voice coil can be actively cooled by means of a standard fan connected to a corresponding air inlet in the base plate of the exciter.


An optional  Trunnion Base allows vertical and horizontal operation – and everthing in between. This option is especially valuable when testing or calibrating different types of sensors to change the direction of excitation quickly and easily.


In combination with a laser vibrometer the vibration exciter can even be used for primary calibration of vibration sensors according to ISO 16063-11 or for special test where a precise vibration measurement is required.

What do our first customers say?

Dr. Christian Hof (former head of acoustics and vibration labs, Eidgenössisches Institut für Metrologie METAS) is enthusiastic about the new vibration exciter: "In initial measurements, the new SE-29 high frequency vibration exciter from SPEKTRA has proven that a robust spring-loaded exciter can provide quality mechanical vibration, which previously had been achieved only with air-bearing calibration exciters." Coming from a national metrology institute who are dedicated to high precision, this is praise indeed.

By changing from air bearing to a spring guided shaker, the SPEKTRA engineers could leave out the rubber bands needed for zero position and therefore provide more freedom of mounting the devices under test. This means that operators can use the whole armature for DUT installing and even thick cables, or bulky devices are no longer a problem.


Versatile applications

What can the new SE-29 vibration exciter do for you? Here are five application examples:

Device testing and sensor characterization

Vibration tests of small-scale devices

Calibration of vibration sensors

Modal and structural testing

End-of-line testing

We are confident that the SPEKTRA SE-29 is a valuable addition for many calibration laboratories as well as testing environments. Thanks to its wide temperature range and high payload capacity, it is suitable for large sensors or small measuring devices. In addition to its high-quality components, it can be used in various fields of application and offers easy integration into existing test environments.

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