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Inside SPEKTRA: We do not rest on our laurels

After a few years in Stuttgart, Lorenzo Matassini - who holds a doctorate in physics and a degree in control engineering - got homesick and moved back to Dresden. Him applying to SPEKTRA as head of development was a recommendation, a lucky strike - for him and for the company. Dr. Matassini brings expertise from many years of experience at Global Players, a company with up to 400,000 employees.

Tell us about your main fields of activity…
We develop calibration systems based on hardware, software and mechanics. We are our first and main customer. Because we use our systems in the laboratory for calibration services. Our task in development is to support product management and sales. It is always important for us to keep an eye on the market: what is in demand? For this purpose, SPEKTRA attends up to 15 trade fairs a year, on every continent. In addition to various internal business unit meetings, we gather every month for a technical presentation. A colleague gives this lecture and answers questions. This should ensure a high level of information exchange, but also shows a lot of respect for the work of other teams and colleagues.

SPEKTRA also stands for the WE-feeling. How does this manifest itself in your team?

Our team of 24 staff members is one of the largest in the company. Of course, this requires a transparent organization. But the WE-feeling is clearly there - everywhere in the company. Nobody tries to make a name for themselves or stand out in the team. Everyone follows a common goal: the success of the company. We have short communication structures and we are very friendly. It all begins with the small things, for instance vacation planning: there is always mutual consideration for personal interests. And if a sales employee cannot travel thousands of miles to Korea to provide customer support, a colleague from the development team would step in!


„We do not rest on our laurels.

We want to innovate, to develop, to be even better.“


What are special SPEKTRA moments for you?
From day one, I was impressed by the fact that this small company with about 80 employees has made it to the top of the world of metrology. You can find our systems in almost all national metrology institutes.

How do you feel about your work at SPEKTRA?
For me it’s a nice feeling to see how fast I was integrated in the company and how quickly I found acceptance. Just a couple years ago, we were only 15 staff members in the development team. We are now 24, and that within a short period of time and considering the acute shortage of skilled workers. It wasn’t always easy to manage the search as well as the recruiting besides the daily business, but it went very well and I am super happy about it.

WHO is SPEKTRA? Who are the brains behind the name?
I would call it "small but excellent". There is a special atmosphere in the company. It can best be described as down-to-earth, yet sophisticated. The management is loyal to its roots, but has a sense for the future, for tomorrow.

Interview with Dr. Lorenzo Matassini, Development - R&D Manager / CTO

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