New features for improved user-friendliness

SPEKTRA releases firmware version 1.6 for CV-10 mobile calibration system

The CV-10 mobile calibration system provides all the benefits of mobile calibration with the proven user-friendly interface of SPEKTRA. After a first large firmware update in 2020 (check details) whereby the frequency range was extended down to 5 Hz and other features came to compliment the portable system, version 1.6 just got released!


New features for improved user-friendliness

First added feature is the new SWEEP operation mode. This mode allows to measure the frequency response of a vibration sensor by means of a continuous sine sweep excitation. With the SWEEP mode, sensors can be checked for defects that show up as spikes or discontinuities in the frequency response. This mode can also help detect sensor mounting issues or problems with sensor cables.

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Detailed view of the keyboard on the portable calibration system CV-10 from SPEKTRA.

SPEKTRA stands for steady high quality, user-friendly solutions and an all-round support.

XML extension

Besides the originally established CSV file format, a new XML file format for calibration protocols is now available. The new format is compatible with the protocol setup of our CS Q-LEAP™ laboratory calibration systems and can thus also be imported in our new eCal™ software (available soon).

On the one hand eCal™ serves as a protocol viewer that allows to merge calibration data from different protocols – for instance data from the three axes of a tri-axial accelerometer. On the other hand, eCal™ helps transform the calibration data into different output formats like printable calibration certificates as PDF files or MS Excel™. Additional export adapters for data exchange with the SPEKTRA software systems can be added easily.

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Improved firmware performance

Further enhancements on the CV-10 firmware include upgraded performance features:

  • Data of new devices under test can now be generated directly on the CV-10 and uploaded via a USB stick.
  • The all-automatic sensor calibration mode allows to define an individual settling time for a DUT (device under test) that has to pass before a measurement result will be recorded. This individual concept helps manage issues with sensors requiring an unusually long settling time.
  • Critical setup options can be protected with a PIN to avoid accidental changes.
  • The user interface has a new look and feel for easier navigation and a clearer data representation.


More information and services

SPEKTRA stands for steady high quality, user-friendly solutions and an all-round support. To ensure consistency, traceability and accurate results we can re-calibrate your CV-10 system. Send an inquiry to or get more information about our extensive calibration services.

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