500th APS 113 Exciter: Celebrating Decades of Innovation in Structural Testing

2023 marks a significant moment in our history: the production of our 500th APS 113 long-stroke vibration exciter in Dresden!

APS and SPEKTRA – how it began

In 2008, APS Dynamics was the world leader manufacturer of low-frequency vibration exciters. The APS ELECTRO-SEIS® brand was known and recognized as a synonym for efficient and reliable long-stroke vibration exciters. After the takeover of the US company APS Dynamics, the first shaker with the APS platform was manufactured at SPEKTRA in Dresden in the same year.

Evolution into a high-performance system solution

Gradually, the various APS exciters were integrated into SPEKTRA calibration and test solutions and developed further, resulting in a new generation of even more powerful exciter systems and solutions.

Since then, we have had a sales office and a subsidiary for APS and SPEKTRA products in the USA in order to maintain a "direct line" to our local customers and partners.

Through our SPEKTRA LABS calibration laboratory, we offer accredited services throughout North America, ensuring reliable service and short downtimes.

Cutting-edge solutions for structural excitation, modal analysis and low-frequency sensor tests

This is the APS 113 long-stroke vibration exciter

The APS 113 is an impressive ELECTRO-SEIS® ball-bearing long-stroke vibration exciter, suitable for modal excitation of complex structures, especially when low frequencies are required. Its versatile design offers various operating modes with reaction masses, fixing points or auxiliary table kits, which significantly expand the application possibilities of this vibration exciter.

Its frequency range up to 200 Hz enables precise testing and measurement settings, while the maximum payload of 25 kg horizontally and 8 kg vertically covers a wide range of applications. The APS 113 is therefore a powerful tool for dynamic structural analysis and enables efficient testing and investigation in various industries.

What are the applications of the APS exciters?

The APS exciters have their typical applications in modal testing of buildings, bridges and other large structures, fatigue tests or seismic simulations.

In the SPEKTRA LABS calibration laboratories, low-frequency testing and calibration is carried out using APS exciters. Complete systems are also available in combination with SPEKTRA vibration controllers, such as the CS Q-LEAP™.

SPEKTRA measurement technology thus makes a decisive contribution to safety and effectiveness. Changes can be analyzed at an early stage and possible deviations corrected.

Thanks to our dedicated team and our customers for this impressive journey. Here's to the next 500!

An APS modal shaker stands on a bridge structure to stimulate the strcture.

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