Operators and manufacturers of vibration test systems

High-performance vibration test systems are used in the industry to test products and components for behavior and reliability under vibration and shock loads, on one or more axes and also combined with other environmental influences.

This allows, for example, all types of vehicles and their modules, smartphones, battery systems, fuel cells, turbine parts and countless more to be validated and tested at an early stage, in accordance with standards and across all industries.

We are your partner for optimized solutions and DAkkS-accredited services, for regular inspection and calibration of your vibration test equipment.

On-site calibration of vibration test systems

Uncomplicated and professional – SPEKTRA is on its way to you

As an operator, you must have your vibration test systems checked and calibrated regularly. But this equipment is permanently installed or cumbersome to transport. Moreover, you cannot have downtimes in the production process. SPEKTRA is the first and only calibration laboratory in Germany to offer on-site calibration for vibration test systems at DAkkS level since 2017.

  • On-site calibration– worldwide
  • DAkkS certified calibration certificates
  • No long downtimes
  • Complete measurement chain – manufacturer-independent

Our specially trained service staff are on the road for you throughout the world. Within the scope of an on-site calibration, we examine the complete measurement chain (control sensor, vibration control system, power amplifier, exciter). In addition, data on e.g. transverse motion, distortion and more are determined, which allows you to draw conclusions about the condition of all components of your test system.

We perform regular inspections for you – uncomplicated, professional, manufacturer-independent. For this purpose, SPEKTRA is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for the calibration of vibration test systems.

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Calibration service for vibration test systems in our laboratory

Accredited calibration services

Specialized service – in-person expert advice

We offer comprehensive calibration services in our accredited laboratory with our specialized in-house systems and in-person customer support. The performance of our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory D-K-15183-01-00 is at a top position worldwide. With the SPEKTRA calibration systems, which are also used as such in many international metrological institutes, our laboratory offers calibration services with highest precision at minimal measurement uncertainties.

  • Sine and shock calibration of acceleration sensors
  • Temperature calibration sine (ISO)
  • Calibration of vibration control systems
  • Calibration of signal conditioners

Count on our support and expert advice.

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Trainings and seminars

Knowledge grows when it is shared

SPEKTRA has been on the market for over 25 years and continues to drive the industry to new heights in many areas. Benefit from the know-how of our experts and train yourself and your employees in our practice-oriented seminars.

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CS Q-LEAP™ Calibration

The system solution for an in-house calibration laboratory

Would you like to take the calibration of your vibration test systems completely into your own hands? With SPEKTRA's system solutions, you build your own calibration laboratory.

We help you select suitable hardware components which are developed and manufactured in-house. With our powerful and future-proof CS Q-LEAP™ software, you are equipped for your calibration tasks at the highest level. To ensure that you always get the best out of our products, we offer the right service package as a matter of course as well as in-person, individual help from our support team.

Get in touch! We will plan the best solution together with you.

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Calibration system CV-10

Compact, robust and mobile

In addition to the regular monitoring of your measuring equipment, you can use the mobile calibration system CV-10 to quickly and easily check sensors for their function after an environmental test. For example, if you doubt the correct measurement of a sensor, you can check it immediately at your laboratory. With this portable calibration system, operators of vibration test systems can check amplitude and, above all, signal waveform and signal quality independently of their vibration control system.

  • powerful vibration exciter
  • frequency range: 5 Hz...10 kHz
  • amplitude: 200 m/s²
  • standard signal conditioners: direct voltage input, IEPE, charge, 4 mA...20 mA
  • DUT mass: 900 g
  • traceable to PTB, NIST...

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Specialized accessories for the calibration of vibration test equipment

Accessories and components for your calibration

Down to the detail

Do you need specific sensor adapters to mount on your vibration test systems or sensor cables? SPEKTRA will find the right item for you. Ask us! We offer a variety of cables and common sensor adapters.

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