Seismology and Geoscience

The broad field of seismology and geoscience requires a range of high-tech equipment that makes it possible to detect even the smallest earth movements in the first place. Permanent seismic monitoring makes it possible to localize potential hazards and establish effective long-term protection against the effects.

We offer a broad, specialized portfolio of products and services worldwide for this topic with its utmost social importance. Our service range includes support in the development of new seismometers, certified calibration and structural excitation for seismological research and equipping entire laboratories.

Bird's eye view of landscape with several erupting volcanoes and flowing lava as an example image for geoscience research.

Our seismological products help detect hazards early and make infrastructures safer worldwide.

CS Q-LEAP™ Calibration Systems

Modular system for various applications

Defined excitation, high-precision data recording and efficient evaluation: With the CS Q-LEAP™ systems from SPEKTRA, you have a turn-key solution at your disposal. Individually tailored to your needs, for modular use and future-proof.

We support you in choosing the appropriate hardware components, which are developed and manufactured in-house. With our powerful and future-proof CS Q-LEAP™ software, you are equipped for calibration tasks at the highest level. To ensure that you always get the best out of our products, we also offer the right service package and personal, individual help from our support team.


CS Q-LEAP™ with:

SE-13 - air-bearing electro-dynamic vibration exciter

APS 129 - for heavy devices under test with sinusodial excitation


Low frequency exciter for seismometers and geophones from SPEKTRA

Vibration Exciters

Specializing in seismometers and geophones

The air-bearing vibration exciters from SPEKTRA and APS were specially developed for the calibration of seismometers and geophones. They are characterized by large mounting areas and high maximum payload. Due to the combination of their excellent performance values and simultaneous mechanical load capacity, they can be found in numerous institutes and research facilities. The APS ELECTRO-SEIS® brand is known worldwide for its efficient and reliable long-stroke vibration exciters.

SE-13 - Air-bearing electrodynamic vibration exciter

APS 129 - Long-stroke vibration exciter for up to 23 kg

APS 600 - Long-stroke vibration exciter for up to 50 kg 

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Against a blue background are symbolic accessories of a calibration system for seismic sensors and geophones.

Accessories and Components

Details matter

Scientific work with our products always requires individual, customized solutions for special challenges. Through our experienced team of developers, we can offer optional accessories that have been created specifically for the demands of seismic work.

  • Adapter plates for seismometers
  • Stray magnetic field compensation for sensitive sensors
  • Special seismic sensor supply for your seismometers
  • Electronic Zero Position Controller (APS 0109)
  • Specialized cables, adapters, accessories and tools Price list


Vibration shaker for modal tests

Modal Exciters

Excitation of larger structures

To investigate possible effects of seismic movements on structures or industrial plants, our APS modal exciters can be used to excite large structures in a targeted manner. Optional accessories allow the exciters to be applied in different working modes such as free body mode or fixed at angles between 0° and 90°. Optional reaction masses can be used to additionally increase performance.



Characterization and Calibration

The performance of our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory D-K-15183-01-00 is among the best worldwide. You receive reliable, traceable calibration certificates with the lowest possible measurement uncertainties. Factory calibration and verification for your required international or local standards is also possible on request.

  • Seismometers and seismic measurement chains in the frequency range 0.1 Hz…400 Hz
  • Geophones and vibration meters 0.5 Hz…315 Hz

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SPEKTRA takes over complete equipment for calibration laboratories

Full Service

Equipping your complete laboratory

SPEKTRA supports you with the set-up and equipment of your complete laboratory, also covering special needs such as the casting of concrete blocks, the setting of granite slabs or the connection to a compressed air unit. Our international network helps us find local partners and equip modern laboratories worldwide. Trust our experience and seek our experts' advise.

Reference "Korea Meteorological Administration"



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