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As a manufacturer of measurement systems and as a cooperation partner in research projects, SPEKTRA traditionally maintains very diverse relationships with research institutions and universities worldwide. This concerns, among other things, research in the field of sensor technology or energy harvesting devices or investigations of the structural dynamics of buildings and machines with our exciters. Measurement solutions from SPEKTRA enable universities to carry out their research projects effectively and remain at the cutting edge of technology.

In addition, research institutions can work with us in development collaborations to jointly advance innovative solutions. SPEKTRA also offers workshops to provide needed knowledge and skills in the use of dynamic sensors.

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Seismic Simulation & Geophysics

Earthquake and ground shaking simulation

Earthquake simulations are important to predict the behavior of structures during earthquakes and to develop protective measures. They help increase the safety of structures and minimize damage and losses during earthquakes.

Typical scientific research areas are structural engineering, geophysical institutes and research centers or departments dealing with natural hazards and geological risks.

APS 113

APS 400

APS 420


Two researchers study product noise reduction (NVH) in a laboratory.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

NVH analysis for noise and vibration optimization

NVH analyses stand for "Noise, Vibration, and Harshness" and refer to investigations that deal with the understanding and analysis of noise, vibration and their perception, e.g. in vehicles or other mechanical systems. The aim is to identify, quantify and reduce unwanted noise and vibration.

Accessories and excitation options

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Modal exciters

Structural dynamics studies

The objective of structural dynamics investigations is to predict and understand the behavior of a structure under dynamic loads. This includes the analysis of vibrations, resonances, effects of loads and the evaluation of structural integrity, as well as the identification of potential problem areas.

Product Overview Structural Analysis and Testing

Modal exciters


Sensor development

Sensors and measuring devices during development

For institutions involved in sensor development, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from prototyping, characterization of disturbance variables and measurands to services in our accredited laboratory.

Solutions for sensor development and manufacturing



Learning equipment & entry-level products

Low-cost equipment enables universities to cut costs and flexibly deploy resources, resulting in broader accessibility and expanded research opportunities. It fosters innovation and collaboration in the academic community by allowing more students and researchers to benefit from resources and realize joint projects.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration with research institutions is also a major concern of SPEKTRA. Synergies created in this way have a positive impact on the entire industry and generate new approaches and further developments.

user-friendly and robust exciters for various measuands

cost-effective and mobile solutions for entry-level testing and measuring

Basic seminars for vibration engineering and acoustics



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