National Metrology Institutes (NMI)

National Metrology Institutes (NMI) are responsible for the development and maintenance of calibration procedures and associated standards, as well as for the primary calibrations of reference sensors with the lowest measurement uncertainty to ensure accurate and reliable measurements in various fields such as science, industry and commerce.

Our product range includes primary and secondary calibration systems as well as individual ­components such as high-quality exciters for NMI. With these, SPEKTRA has equipped many renowned laboratories worldwide. Customers can rely on the know-how we have acquired in our own primary calibration laboratory. This enables us to offer, for example, interlaboratory comparisons, various accredited calibration services and cooperation in the development of new calibration methods and systems.

Scientific employee in a national metrology institute during a measurement process

Together with numerous national institutes for metrology, SPEKTRA ensures comparability of measurement results worldwide.

Complete systems

Primary and secondary calibration systems

Our primary calibration systems are based on fundamental physical constants and laws. With the lowest measurement uncertainties, they serve as the highest instance in the calibration hierarchy. Their implementation in a measuring station that is as free of interference as possible requires expert knowledge and highly precise components.

SPEKTRA primary calibration systems can also be used as secondary calibration systems by an NMI when a less complex calibration procedure is sufficient, e.g. to offer calibration services. The systems are characterized by open interfaces that allow the verification of the measurement data with in-house evaluations as well as the use of the data for research purposes.

We supply turnkey calibration systems consisting of the required hardware and software components and take care of the comprehensive installation and commissioning in laboratories worldwide.

CS Q-LEAP™ Primary calibration system for shock sensors

CS Q-LEAP™ Primary vibration calibration system

CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems


Five devices for different sensor excitation are symbolically displayed against a blue background as an option for calibration service providers.

System modules

Established portfolio of exciters and other individual components

National metrology institutes that want to establish their own reference systems can rely on high-quality exciters, power amplifiers, zero position controllers and other components from SPEKTRA. In addition, they will find further accessories, some of which have been specially developed to meet the high requirements. This way you can ensure the highest precision and accuracy.

Exciters & Components

Power amplifiers


Count on our support and expert advice.

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SPEKTRA takes over complete equipment for calibration laboratories

Full Service

Complete laboratory equipment

To minimize interference and maximize the accuracy of measurement results, SPEKTRA can assist you with the complete laboratory set-up for special requirements:

  • Casting of concrete blocks and setting of the granite slab
  • Set-up and commissioning of the systems
  • Connection to a compressed air unit
  • Temperature monitoring

Through our network, we find local partners and equip modern laboratories worldwide. Trust our experience and let our experts advise you with their accumulated know-how.



Schematic representation of an interlaboratory comparison among four laboratories.


Process development and interlaboratory comparisons

For many years, we have been committed to interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and attach great importance to intensive, sustained contact. By participating in committees and associations, we contribute to the development of new regulations and promote an intensive exchange of expertise.

We also cooperate with various laboratories through regular participation in interlaboratory comparisons. The comparison of results provides information on quality and performance.

Memberships and committees

Round robin tests



Extension of your service range in our laboratory

The SPEKTRA team will be happy to perform calibration services for you that you cannot perform for your customers in your own laboratory. You can rely on our established high quality, optimized service and fair turnaround times.

The performance of our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory (D-K-15183-01-00) occupies a top position worldwide.

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