Manufacturers of sensors and measuring instruments

We support manufacturers in the development and production of sensors and measuring devices, ranging from metrological investigations in the development process, the characterization of disturbance variables to the calibration of products before initial operation, to measurement and test systems in mass production.

In addition, you will find mobile solutions for your service technicians at SPEKTRA. Our experts will advise you during the development process, e.g. in the selection of suitable sensors and components.

An employee stands in a laboratory in front of production machines for the manufacture of sensors or measuring instruments.

From development through production to verification SPEKTRA is the reliable partner through the complete product cycle.

Prototype characterization

Metrological testing of your products during development process

During the development of new sensors, their prototypes are subjected to multiple tests to validate performance and test immunity to disturbances.

SPEKTRA provides complete solutions and offers various services for the characterization of sensors. These include exciters for the precise representation of various measurement or disturbance variables. Integrated into our measurement systems, this allows users to carry out a wide range of measurements easily and efficiently and always repeat them precisely.

Device Testing

Exciters for measuring and testing sensors

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S-TEST Lab Systems

Characterization systems for measurands/disturbance variables

For the characterization of measurands and disturbance variables in MEMS development, the following factors are crucial: suitable measurement equipment for signal acquisition and analysis, a stable environment for minimal disturbance, and essentially, accurate calibration of reference sensors for precise and reproducible results.


Sensor exciters & components

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Selection of suitable sensors and components

Consulting in the development process

We apply our expertise to your project and can help identify innovative approaches and technologies that give you a competitive edge in the market. As the sensor industry continues to evolve, SPEKTRA's consulting services can help developers adapt to new technologies, standards and requirements.

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An employee in a calibration laboratory during sensor assembly on a vibration exciter

SPEKTRA Calibration laboratoy

Calibration of your products before shipment

Calibration of sensors and measuring devices is a critical step to ensure the integrity of measurements, guarantee the quality of products and services, and meet regulatory requirements.

Calibrated sensors and measurement devices enable consistent and comparable measurements, regardless of location or operator. This is critical to obtain objective data and maintain quality standards.

Calibration services overview

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Further services

Strong partner even after the development phase

  • if your products reach series production, our special S-TEST FAB solutions for end-of-line testing are of interest to you
  • if your sales or service staff are on the road, you can rely on our mobile solutions
  • You are looking for something special? Please contact us! Our development team will implement customer projects for wide-ranging requirements.



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